{UPDATE} Graphical settings for the game named паранойя [Story] or Paranoia [Story]


Currently, I’m making a game that takes place in Russia, Siberia 1952, playing as an American spy infiltrating a Russian base in Northeastern parts of Siberia. Recently I made graphical settings for players with lower-end PCs or high-end ones for better framerates and a better gaming experience overall.

Note that I’m not a UI designer and the UI might look horrible, I’m just a programmer.

Update: Just made the setting save when you leave the game, just by using DataStore2.


We need more games with this!!! Absolutely amazing work! All I would change is the UI, as it’s not looking the best, but you said that already. :wink:


Looks nice but I don’t think it’s very practical, roblox already has a graphics setting built in which will interfere with yours, also I don’t think sunrays or other stuff really affects performance at all, definitely not particles as well


Roblox’s version of “graphics settings” are terrible. It gives you nothing but a bar to slide around.

Those with lower- spec computers are affected greatly by those affects. Trust me.