UPDATE (HIRING) Spike Stream Studios Is HIRING

About Us

Hello, we are Spike Stream Studios! We are hiring everything from a builder to a scripter to a UI maker.
We are planning to make the biggest studio on roblox by hiring people and organising them into teams to work with that team on the given project, We love to get other peoples imput so feel free to suggest, agree, or disagree with the teams ideas. The studio is owned by a partnership because two minds are better than one!

The Owners

Jackman13799 / Wizzardofazz#8707
fredrick254 / Freddy#3797

About The Job

We are looking for professional game developers, Scripters, Builders, etc. That are hardworking, responds to messages quickly, and can come up with creative solutions to problems. We are currently working on a Hunger Games project and are making good progress, We plan to work on really fun games to make roblox as fun as possible without making boring simulators where all you do is click. DM me if interested!
As for Builders our preffered style is low-poly, As for scripters we need clearly made scripts.


Prices are negociable. We are paying through group funds. We mostly only take percentages but, commisions depends on the task at hand.

Role Payments

This is just a rough estimate of the payment but it really only depends on the game. They do not all add up as not every game needs a animator and 3D modeler etc.

Scripter 30-40%

Builder 20-35%

Modeler 10-30%

Ui maker 8-15%

Animator 10-20%


Please come to me RESPECTFULLY, you can contact us here on the Developer Forum and Discord :Wizzardofazz#8707 or Freddy#3797
You must be 13 years or older to apply unless proven mature, Nobody should be treated differently because of their age.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


What’s the difference between your old post and the new one?

There were just some extra stuff I added

Like what? How come you could just edit the original post? :think:

I would probably put a base % for each role in the team, then go off of that, since people like to see number when they are looking for jobs. Having a set rate, will benefit your hiring process and will attract more people. I would also make either a list of general tasks for each role to do for this job.

Yes, you have said about what the game is, but detail is key for people to 100% know and decide if this job is right for them and to make sure you get their best quality of work.

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Ok thanks for the feedback! I will do that.

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