[UPDATE] How can I fill up this area more?

Thank you all for advice. I’m still seeking advice if you all have any to add. Here is an updated picture.

I need advice or decoration tips on how to fill up this low-poly lake area without making it look too repetitive.


Do you mean on the land? You could add some extra bigger rocks in areas that do not have them, and they can be of different shapes. You could also add thick bushes in some areas perhaps.

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This looks really nice!

You could fill up up by adding some low-poly sailing boats here and there, and possibly a dock. You could also add little cabins in a few places (with differences of course!). Maybe some small rocks/shrubs too?

Another possibility is adding a fire pit somewhere in there, with some smoke just to spice things up a bit.

Good job so far! :smiley:


This looks great! You can make this even greater by adding:

  • Villages
  • Rocks
  • Bush
  • Grass
  • Tall Trees
  • Flowers
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Maybe add rocks next to the trees and boats near the water (on the grass).

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Damn.there’s nothing really else to say but…

1.You could add a bridge connecting from land to the cabin,to make it seem more “real” than being too repititive
2.put a few sailboats around it(i know with the whole sailboat thing, they won’t be able to sail through the bridge but…)
Thats all i have, keep it up!

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Add another material like sand. Should add another layer to your terrain. Also look into adding a stream from the mountain, would be a cool detail.

But overall, I think you have the map really well defined. The biggest thing you can expand on is how you spread colors and textures over it.

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Some shacks with random things like a youtube channel or a builders wall where you put your nam and your job in making the game along with all of the other helpers.

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This is pretty much all you need

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