Update ideas wanted for new game!

Hello! I recently released a game called Alaskan Life into It’s alpha stage, but it doesn’t really have a purpose to playing it. I have been trying to come up with update ideas but my brain won’t work. I will list below what updates we already thought so you don’t say it in the replies. Alaskan Life is a survival-based game. It consists of two game modes. Survival, which is single-player, and Roleplay, which is multiplayer.

Link: Alaskan Life [Alpha] - Roblox

Thought of updates:


Something like collectibles that have different rarities can keep players, you know… playing! When somebody doesn’t have the best thing that they can get, they most likely will want to keep trying to get it. Some prime examples on Roblox are pets in games like Adopt Me!, simulator games, etc. This could also fit right in with the theme of hunting or fishing, although I recommend fishing because I’m not sure what Roblox’s terms are with things like hunting.

So right off the bat, I am clueless on what to do when I join, so maybe a small tutorial of some kind?

I notice that the fire can be toggled. Maybe when it’s raining, the fire could be put out?

A way to collect firewood could also work perhaps? A way for players to start their own fire.

Since it’s a survival-based game, here are some suggestions:

Give an adventure vibe to it.

Make the map large, and make the player to explore around it. I would suggest adding some custom plants, ores, trees, or basically anything.

Add some sort of lore.

People like when there’s some sort of lore or secret hidden among the map. It gets their interest and curiosity piqued. Should make players explore more, and find out secrets.

Add some sort of enemies (or even bossfights).

This would make the game more intriguing and exciting, and the playtime will definitely increase. I mean, you could even make a dragon boss that you have to kill in order to get a powerful sword!

Add a combat system.

Of course, you won’t survive against a monster without combat. This can also merge with the idea of tools, weapons, ores, and other stuff.

Add more athmosphere.

Music can definitely make a player feel a certain and specific emotion. If you add a creepy and subtle ambience, that’s going to make players very cautious, but when you add a calm and soothing ambience, that’s going to make players keep their guard down and relax.


In order to make a good (and interesting) survival-game, you need to keep the player’s curiosity and interest for as long as possible. Building something cool and powerful, like a powerful sword for example, is very satisfying.

That’s all I wanted to say, good luck on your game!

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