Update In Game Data Live with Discord

Discord Bot Realtime In Game Data Updater

Just something I made for fun tonight, basically just uses a JSON hosted using a node module (http-server). The discord bot adds to the JSON when a command is called, in the format of {name, method, amount). Methods include: Add, Sub, and Set. This can be used for any Int Value in game. Updated every 10 seconds, and all locally hosted. Once values are updated, a post request is sent back to the server to remove the updates applied. (Yes, it does use a header for authentication)


I made this really quick and there are probably some screw ups and optimization fixes, but works for now right?

If anyone is interested in the source code and how to set it up just dm me and lmk :slight_smile:


This would work amazingly with a point system I made the otherday for a group, If you want the code for the point system dm me.

-D&R Founder Kieranl29.