Update in regards to recent policy action: PewDiePie

We wanted to provide some context on the situation with PewDiePie.

Roblox is committed to providing a safe and civil platform for our players, including blocking memes that represent or are synonymous for behavior that falls outside of our community standards. In December, “pewdie” became one of these negative memes on Roblox. As such, we began blocking the creation of new usernames that incorporated the term “pewdie.” The legacy account that PewDiePie used in his livestream was incorrectly banned as part of the administration of this policy. His legacy account is being reinstated.

As with every user, we have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior on Roblox that violates our terms of use or community guidelines, including discriminatory speech or actions based on race or ethnic origin, national origin, religion or religious affiliation, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. If a violation occurs, that user account will be banned.