Update Log 11/1/2020 - 2 (Update title when finished)

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Game 2 Update Log #2

Update #2

Live/operational updates

Note, Status

  • Mass nerf to team Alpha armor (ranks Trainee-Field Agent don’t get armor anymore). Any other armor associated with team Alpha have also been nerfed – Live
  • Updated mess hall/cafeteria – Live
  • Further improved game optimization (Turned off shadows and collisions for more objects) – Live
  • Merged divisions (We felt like some of the divisions could be merged into others to make stuff less messy and complicated. Don’t worry, all your progress and duties will remain the same) – Live

Pending and in progress

Note, Status

  • Further game optimization improvements - turning off unnecessary shadows for some lights. – In progress
  • Improving the decontamination showers – In progress
  • More work on game optimization – Pending
  • Optimizing main map (terrain) – In progress

This is the update log for Update #2.