Update Log: Driving Sayville

Update Log : Driving Sayville

New mechanical workshop :The auto mechanic workshop is still a step away from the vehicle dealer, we have not yet added the job of being a mechanic, so we will wait a while since we are working so that you have an incredible experience within this great new job.

New Fire Station and an EMS car added :The Fire Station is located by the Hamburger restaurant, as well as by the road to the south, Herms added a fire alarm in each area, and new vehicles with interiors have been added, this means that you will have an unforgettable experience.

New Gasoline Station:This Station is located near the dealership therefore there are two buckets one is a fuel of 97 and the other the fuel of 68

Car Dealership: A new car dealership has been added near the civil spawn! Including a beautiful showroom, you can buy and build your vehicles from this new facility. You can still spawn/buy vehicles at the civil spawn stalls, this dealership is still under construction.:

New burger restaurants where you can work: The new hamburger restaurant is already activated, it means that you can visit them right now, what I had mentioned is near the Fire Station, and we are also going to implement delivery to all areas of this great place


[!] ΒΏIs the game too foggy at night? Select β€˜β€™ Options β€˜β€™ and disable the β€˜β€™ Post Effects β€˜β€™ setting.

[!] When playing, you experience that the game is with some errors, do not worry we are solving it, be patient

[!] Looking to paint your car? Drive to the garages at the dealership!!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Gun system now works better on lower end devices
Decreased shotgun reload time
Fixed a bug where weapons couldn’t shoot straight up if someone was in a shop
Fixed the error where β€œF” to change, the vehicles when they stopped you could press the β€œP”
Added key bindings to chase detection notification so you no longer have to click your mouse
Correction of buying a house and the Programming of the GamePass was corrected

Let us know what you think of this Driving Sayville update in a report. Make sure to check out the game and if there are any bugs we will fix them right away just by experiencing this amazing update.
Thanks to the team for making this amazing update happen:

luanacrtz – Lead Developer – Builder
lanutria300 – Builder – Programmer
contributors –
who helped with this amazing update

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