Update Log - Tropical Hotel

Greeting, Everyone! :wave:

The New Tropical Hotel Update has been officially published!

Update Name:
Winter Content Update 3

Update Log:

[-] Removed Team: Tropical Staff Intern :x:
[-] Added Team: Development Team :white_check_mark:
[-] Fixed Auto-Teamer :white_check_mark:
[-] Added Christmas Decorations :christmas_tree: :snowflake:
[-] Added Slippery Ice :ice_cube:
[-] Bug Fixes :lady_beetle:
[-] Added New Island Area :desert_island: [Work In Progess]

Updates Coming Soon:
[-] Island Decorations and Buildings. :desert_island:
[-] Group rank commands! :arrow_double_up:
[-] Security Rank With Tazer and handcuffs. :policeman:

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