Update notification stuck in limbo

Posted an update to notify players about a brand new update for my game. (Silly Simon Says)
The update is stuck in limbo for more than 2 days.
Views, Visit Rate and Unfollow Rate all shows “–”

Here is a screenshot:

All my other accounts also did not get a notification from the game.

Has this feature just stopped working?

Expected behavior

Notification should have been sent out
Views, visit rate and unfollow rate should show what happened

Page URL: https://create.roblox.com/dashboard/creations/experiences/4362587875/updates


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


just did another update and it is also stuck. The feature seem to be have stopped working. Not sure if this is intended.

Hi - unfortunately yes, this feature is broken. the tl;dr is the way notification events were generated changed in january and game updates was unknowingly affected by this change. The events that make up those statistics are no longer being generated. There has been a ticket filed against the relevant team to restore functionality


Same thing here, hopefully it is resolved as these statistics are quite important.

Hopefully this ticket works out; I’ve been wondering why the statistics have not been working and now I have my answer.

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Hey there - this should be fixed! Please let us know if you are encountering any further issues. Thanks again for the report.

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