Update on Face Movement TTS System

A few days ago I released a post about a TTS system I was working on, and I have slightly improved it since then.

[Game Link] if anyone wants to test it out

[Previous Version]

[Current Version]


Ow he eh ooh. In english: :+1:


Here’s @BlockyHead2006 and his family members on Roblox

(No offense)


No offense taken. :grin:

@aseden pretty cool system you’ve got here! It’s funny to hear how the words come out! One problem I realized while playing is that they still say words that are blocked by Roblox’s filter. Might want to fix that. They also don’t pronounce capital letters.

I hope this head is in the avatar shop when dynamic heads release! I would so use it!


Yeah, a lot of people have told me it doesn’t block tags, I’m working on fixing that but I’m trying to make it more fluent before. But if it does end up being a big issue ill focus more on making it work with the filter.

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Wow! I’ve never seen someone use facial animations with text to speech, keep me updated!

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