Update on my railroad projects

Hello! It’s been a while since I made a post, but I wanted to inform everybody on the sort of stuff i’ve been doing.

This is another railroad crossing signal I put together that has a more old style,
with the stop on red signal sign and the smaller LED lamps.

This is my remake on Union Pacific #4000, “The Big Boy.”

I think it turned out really good!
I am also doing some Narrow Gauge locomotives, such as the Uintah Railway’s engines.
I believe I am the first one on Roblox to model these, so here they are.

This is Uintah #51, a 2-6-6-2T Tank engine mallet built by Baldwin for the Uintah railway. They could take 7.5% grades and turns as sharp as 60 degrees. Here is a photo of them.

This is Uintah #12, a 2-8-0 which I believe is the only surviving locomotive from the Uintah.
It was sold to the Eureka Nevada, and then sold to a casino.
Here it is at the casino, where it was painted in a scheme to advertise.

Here it is today at the back of the Nevada Southern Railway Museum, note it was never operated as #7.

Here is my Roblox model of it. (As it appeared on the Uintah Railway.)


WOW its very good you must be a god modeler .


Haha did you really think that you can fool us with real life images on Roblox terrain?
I have to say that this is god level. Looks incredibly cool and realistic! Keep it up!