Update Open Cloud Datastore SetEntry to state content-length importance

Please update the Open Cloud Datastores API documentation on SetEntry to reflect the importance of content-length in the header.

I was unable to get a response other than a status code 400 with a large response chunk that did not tell me that it was missing the content.length in the header until I got some help (from @joritochip :pray: using Fetch where as I was using the http library, both of us running on Node V.18.12)

I lost 4 hours on this. Thank you.


Hey there!

Could you elaborate a bit more on what you mean it was missing content.length? Even then, itโ€™s not a required parameter thus looking past it anyways. The two content variables are the ones required following the documentation on the API. Hereโ€™s how I sent a POST utilizing Axios.

My Approach

const method = "Kick";
const entryKey = `user_${robloxData.id}`;
const JSONValue = await JSON.stringify({ method });
const ConvertAdd = await crypto.createHash("md5").update(JSONValue).digest("base64");

try {
   const response = await axios.post(
`${universeID}/standard-datastores/datastore/entries/entry`, JSONValue, {
      params: {
         'datastoreName': 'DTRD',
         'entryKey': entryKey
      headers: {
         'x-api-key': datastoreApiKey,
         'content-md5': ConvertAdd,
         'content-type': 'application/json',

The set entry endpoint will return a 400 Bad Request if you do not include the Content-Length header, even though it is not currently documented as being required.

The axios package automatically includes the Content-Length header if you do not pass one yourself, that is why it works for you- however, other methods of making requests such as using fetch do not do this, meaning you need to include the header yourself.