[UPDATE REQUIRED] Distribute Parts

Did you ever find yourself needing to evenly space out parts over an awkward distance, so you pull out a calculator to be precise?

Or having to keep slightly adjusting the distance between parts manually with snapping disable to give the illusion of an equilibrium?

Whatever your old slow, method of evenly spacing out objects, well you don’t have to use it anymore!
Introducing Distribute Parts, a part of Sammy’s Quality of Life (QOF) plugin line-up: a series of small, free plugins that chip away at the inconveniences of Roblox Studio.
Works both in a linear fashion (one axis)


But also in 3D space



Works with both Meshes, Parts and Models
Once again, all Sammy QOF plugins are free.

By popular demand, GitHub:
Still new to it so let me know if there’s something I can improve about it.


Please do, this is an open source plugin & people should be able to view the source freely.

You should also have opt-in logging as it can clutter up the Output tab.



For models what you could do is use Model[“World Pivot Position”] do distribute them, it would work just like parts.

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I didn’t even know people had access to the source code, although as I said I don’t mind. Except that now everyone knows how many tries it took me to make it work. :sweat_smile:

And I apologize for the print I left in there. I’ll get it sorted out.

Thank you for the tip! I’ll also look into that. Might push the update sooner than later.

It’s actually not that straight forward so I don’t know if I’ll keep my promise today, but it will soon come in another update.

You have access to the source code to all of the plugins that you have installed

you get the Plugin.rbxm file so anyone can copy your plugins :frowning:



Nice plugin by the way


Well then all that preaching from Roblox for supporting monetized plugins is ridiculous… but this is getting off-topic. Thanks for letting me know, even if this would have been officially open-sourced soon anyway

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[Version 1.1r]

Had the source code cleaned-up and loose print() lines removed, preparation for GitHub and whoever else decides to read the source code already, to actually understand what is going on.

Uploaded to GitHub

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I used BTRoblox to inspect the source, which itself uses a custom binary decoder to parse rbxm files.


That rbxm reader is pretty cool ngl, I’m going to see if I can write it in lua for fun.

[Version 1.21r]

Fixed rotation resetting on affected objects. Happened because the movement was switched from Position based to CFrame based without all the proper precautions in mind.

[Version 1.2r]

Added ability to move models with the plugin. Cleaned the script out some more. Updated the list of contributors. GitHub has been updated.

Example with models. Please keep in mind that with how it currently works, the pivot points of models it affects get reset. If this is a big issue I’ll try and have the plugin detect when models you have selected have a PivotOffset and ask whether you want to keep it or not.

Plugin working with models: