Update The Criteria To Hit "Regular" rank

I have:
84 days visited
18h read time
519 topics viewed
3.7k posts read
150 hearts given
9 topics created
112 posts created
161 hearts received

And I’m still not a regular, which is somewhat frustrating, because A. I don’t know the criteria to be a regular, and apparently all promotions are on hold and B. I can’t make feature requests.

Stats had very little, if not none, influence on promotions to regular. It was mainly about having a minimal moderation history and successful use of post approval. However the latter was removed in favor of an upcoming replacement all by devrel. And I will be honest with you those stats aren’t as high as you think.


I don’t know why you’re trying to obtain the TL2 role of Regular and people who always complaint about the promotion halt, always make unnecessary rants about this.
First of all, you should not be focusing on the role what you get, but the contributions you give to fellow Developer Forum Members.

Secondly, if you didn’t know Post Approval was removed…

You should be patient in waiting for the new replacement for the Post Approval Team, as the Developer Engagement Team, is working on it. They can’t open #platform-feedback to TL1 users, also known as ‘Members’ as they would clog the category with non-useful threads as newer DevForum Members tend to post on wrong categories.

I’ll be quite honest with you, a DevForum Member’s statistics does not, in anyway, give any way or bring a user a promotion for Regular. It’s not based on what statistics you have.
Lastly, they intentionally didn’t give out the proper criteria for a user to become a Regular, as DevForum Members would abuse this, and most just wanted the role either as a title, give access to restricted categories like #lounge, etc.

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