Update the explorer right after an object is renamed

As a Roblox Developer, it is currently annoying to get the proper alphabetical order of objects in the explorer. If you rename an object, you have to remove that object and add it back in order for that object to be alphabetically sorted in the parent.

I suggest having the explorer automatically resort the objects in the direct parent of the object right after the object is renamed.

This isn’t too big of an issue, but it would be a neat little feature and make some things easier because I like to organize the variables in my scripts in the order that they’re present in the explorer.

EDIT: It would be better if this feature was manual instead of automatic. That way I can just press a key or something to have to explorer refresh its contents instead of having to delete and add or move objects around to sort them alphabetically


I prefer it not updating. It would be annoying if everything reshuffled every time I had to change a part’s name.

For what practical purpose do you need an object to immediately be in alphabetical order?


Worst case scenario every single item on the list is only be bumped down 1 space.

Is there ever a good reason not to organize somthing? It just makes life easier


Worst case scenario is your selection moves off screen, your scrolling canvas adjusts to fit it, and now your explorer is in a completely different place and you have to move it back to continue what you were doing. When renaming multiple objects, you have to reposition your explorer multiple times.

Studio shouldn’t be moving things around inside a window that I’m actively working in. It just makes it harder to do whatever I’m trying to do.


I agree that live updating it would become a pain. Would a better alternative be to allow F5 to refresh the explorer and update the ordering?


I agree with that, I think being able to manually update the explorer without having to delete and add things would be pretty useful. You guys presented a good case for why it shouldn’t be done automatically