Update the Instruction Topic on How to join International Categories on DevForum:

As a Roblox developer, in an overall view from other users, it is currently too hard to enter international communities that are new to the Developer Forums. As you all know, Roblox expanded its community to five new languages: Filipino, Russian, Korean, Polish, and Italian. However, for those that are a bit amateur around looking for their speaking category and do not know that they can have the possibility to analyze all of the groups here through the link URL https://devforum.roblox.com/g/, they are going to immediately look at the topic (created by @Roblox) how to join international communities at #updates

In the post, they only mention the 2 new languages, missing Polish + Italian… Not sure if it is because the DET (Developer Engagement Team) employees haven’t introduced themselves or their category is still uncompleted, even so, it is still possible to join all of them.

Although, Roblox can address this issue and solve it by updating the description of the topic, improving the experience of players, and making it easy to find.


I don’t know for Polish, but Italian category is all new, so I think they’ll do it in a few days/weeks.


As far as I know, the Polish category is still not officially out so that is why it’s not there. Unsure about the rest tho.

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It has been 3 months and a few little days, and while both the new local community groups were fully developed regarding the organisation of their subcategories+Roblox groups on the platform, as well as hosting their own current regional challenges, Roblox did not update the primary topic of #updates to put Italian (#categoria-it-italiana) and Polish (#polska-kategoria) on how you can join other categories…

I am not sure if it is due to only featuring those who are already under control, but if so, I can tell that it is not true. The Korean category does not have any employees from DevRel → Developer Engagement Team (DET) that can see who is following the international sections, including the Germany category (one of the longest community to not have anyone controlling and supervising overall for 3 years).


After three days (February 7th), one of the employees a part of the Developer Relations department, @Lvl100SuperBurrito, has updated the topic mentioning the new categories and how you can join them by tagging the developer role:

Therefore, this lead to a conclusion of the story once for all. However, next time, it is as a recommendation to update immediately once having the full release of a international category…


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