Update the new topic template in Development Discussion to redirect off-topic posters

I know a new Regulars system is coming (or Regulars could be removed) but no matter what happens to the concept of Regulars, if creating New Topics in #development-discussion is going to stay open to regular Members, there should be more cues to users to help them stay on-topic when they create a New Topic. Right now it’s:

This category should only be used for open discussions on Roblox development!

Please use #help-and-feedback:game-design-support if you need help implementing specific game features.

I think this needs to have links to #bug-reports , #feature-requests , as well as the pinned rules for #development-discussion.

I know that all users are generally supposed to read the forum rules before being granted Membership, but this isn’t enforced for individual categories. And I know that this is just a post template, but at least someone making a post will either have to read it and abide by it, or willingly delete it.

Even if Members get to access #bug-reports and #feature-requests, I’m specifically talking about newer users who have just earned their Membership and get cracking to talk about something that doesn’t invite the kind of discussion the #development-discussion rules outline at all.

I think the New Post template in Forum Features is great, actually:

:warning: Only Developer Forum feature requests should be posted here.
Use #feature-requests for Roblox-related feature requests.

Be as specific as possible, give your post a clear and descriptive title, and focus on problems and use cases, rather than proposed solutions.

I think it works really well for the :warning: to make it stand out, as well as the links to the other topics. The language of active verbs starting each sentence is also a big plus, rather than “This category should only be-” or “Please use”.

I believe nobody has asked to update the New Topic Template before. I think this would be a shorter simpler solution to at least push things in the right direction while we wait for a stronger solution for the Regular role as well as how to handle the off-topic barrages.


These are specifically written to be as short as possible. The amount of content is inversely exponentially correlated to the amount of people that actually read it.


I’m pretty sure the problem is that literally almost nobody reads them.

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The piggyback off of what @buildthomas has said this kind of non moderation rule enforcement reminder wouldnt really stop anyone since they usually just select all and delete the filler text to create their topic.

I think stricter moderation and tightened punishment (example : temporary removal of posting privileges) would stop this. Sadly I dont see this happening.

That’s true, I never really read these to be honest.

But, development discussion is the only one which I did, and that’s because it’s all bold and everything. It catched my attention, and since DD is horrible at the moment, and since it’s such a small description, I feel like adding stuff about #feature-requests, and others would be great to help on that.

I also think DD is a bit too high up in the DevForum categories. Help and Feedback posts are usually what’s in DD but shoudn’t be there. I think lowering DD on the list a bit can also help.