Update the Roblox logo on Roblox subdomains

Recently, the official Roblox logo was updated (blog.roblox.com/2022/08/our-refreshed-logo ).

The following subdomains feature outdated logos:

You can navigate to the outdated logos by scrolling down any page belonging to the subdomains.


More specifically the footer of every identified page and the events site which is also the header of the page.


That’s the Studio logo which they haven’t remade.

I made one jokingly, but I hope they dont make a new one honestly.

In the case they do remake it, then the logos will be out of date. In this case they’re perfectly fine.


I have the footer hidden, I was talking about the Studio logo. They didn’t make a new one

Can you elaborate on this? I visited all of the links and they all seem to be correctly updated to the new standard Roblox logos where applicable.

We have no intention of updating the creator icon at this time.