Update the Trust Levels Website

My experience
When I was under the requirements for Member it for difficult for me to know when I was able to create a topic and when I could reply to other comments. I did just favourite those I wanted to reply to later on, but it would’ve been nice to know what the requirements are. Of course I had read Understanding Discourse Trust Levels, but I did realize that is was outdated, because it said I had to post and reply to topics/posts. And that confused me because I looked into every tutorial on how to do that, until I just realised that I wasn’t going to happen.

Please update the website so everyone can read the new requirements to reach trust level member (Being able to post, create topics et.c.)

I really hope roblox will make it easier to see the requirements for new members of the devforum.


Yeah, we probably need that since it’s way faster and easier to reach it!


I’m a little confused by your post; the blog you linked is not ran or maintained by Roblox.


It’s the Greetings! message you get when you first sign up for the devforum. When you click on the

You’ll get new abilities

It’ll take you to that website.

I think your feature request should be asking to update the greetings message instead as there’s nothing Roblox can do about the blog post

please request this to meta.discourse.org instead, discourse created the greetings message, this is what I got in there

You don’t need to create a feature request in Discourse Meta for changing the Greetings message, as the Greetings message can be changed in the Forum’s Settings.

I’m not a Forum Admin, so you can take this with a grain of salt, but I believe the current requirements for the Member Trust Level in the DevForum are intentional as the requirements for trust levels can be modified in the Forum’s Settings.


That is true, also Roblox has a post on how to “rank up” on the Devforum.

I’m not telling them to change the requirements for the trust levels, I’m telling them to make it easier accessible to read the requirements. As I said in my post it’s just my experience with me finding it annoying that I could not just read the requirements in the Greetings! message, with it stating that those indeed are the requirements for each trust level, but those requirements are outdated.

Shorten, I’m not telling them to change the requirements, just make it easier as a newbie to read the requirements of the member trust level. The only way I found out was when I nearly just had the permissions and I saw a YouTube video, but many videos on the DevForum trust levels are outdated.

From my perspective, it’s not hard to go to this pinned thread and see how to rank up:

No need to go to YouTube when this topic already explains how it works.

And I’m pretty sure newbies can understand this simple explanation:


Do you know why they have it so you have to be a member for so many days and read so many topics? Its because before the “DevForum”, Roblox had a forum that all users could use without any requirements. That forum no longer exists, why you may ask. Well because it would just get spammed and no one would follow the rules so that is why we have to have requirements on this forum.

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As I’ve said multiple times, I ask Roblox to update it to a specific answer, I’d assume any newbie could figure out that all they have to do to get trust level member is be active.

I understand that Roblox does it (trust level) but I spend more time at Roblox Studio then Devforum. so it’s a little bit hard

This blog is not maintained by us. That’s a blog post by the creator of the forum software that we use here.

We have a modified configuration for this forum that doesn’t correspond with that blog.

Please review the pinned documentation here instead: How to level up on the Roblox Developer Forum