Update the version history page

This is the page I’m talking about.

I use this page frequently as my internet is poor and uploads often fail. It is also useful when trying to extract past models which its harder to implement proper version control for,

  • Biggest issue is the time zone. I don’t know what zone it is, and if I guess it’s EST, I might get confused because they have daylight savings before the UK, and so think it’s EST and then get confused when the clocks go back

  • I have no clue what these versions were, it’s effectively meaningless. What’s different between 51 and 52? I’ve usually only revert to the version the one before if I publish I bug, anything more than that is a gamble. What often happens is I revert back to a version, maybe the last one before a sudden playtime dip, and then quickly revert back to the most recent one so I can compare differences.

  • Reversions show up as any old version, and this again is very confusing as there is no indication that it was reverted. i.e If I revert to version 53, and am currently on version 55, the newest version will be 56, and be identical to 53.

My fixes:

  • Please please indicate what time you’re using

  • Show the local time. Maybe a good way to do this would be showing it like this

8/28/2017 11:48:40 AM EST (8/28/2017 17:48:40 PM GMT/Local)
  • Allow us to have upload notes which are optional, and you can see by mousing over a (?) icon next the version number. This is a better solution than just update logs (but you should keep those if they implement this!!)

  • For reversions, display it like 58(56) meaning version 58 is a reverted version of 56. This would be explained if you moused over the (?) icon

  • Maybe have the ability to download the item without having to revert to it? It’s on Roblox’s servers so I don’t see why not. This saves a lot of hassle on the devs end if you have to perform multiple reversions because you messed up, or you accidentally used an old version and overwrote stuff.
    It is also useful if you have a popular game, you don’t want to briefly have an out of date random version live for a few seconds - easily enough time for a rogue server to pop up and start breaking people’s data.

I hope this gets implemented, it doesn’t seem like a huge job, but maybe I’m wrong :stuck_out_tongue:



I’d definitely love to have an edit button on each version so I would know what each version is without having to go through the process of reverting and causing more versions to be created.


ROBLOX uses PST i’m pretty sure, and it’s what they use site-wide.

This isn’t obviously indicated, it really should be, especially with things like daylight savings occurring at different times in different countries, and heck even different states, it’s critical to know. Also you’re wrong, dev stats uses EST, I’m fairly sure.

Should be indicated, what can I say!?

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  • Yes, time zones have been an issue on ROBLOX for a while – would be nice if that was improved.
  • Instead of 58(56), maybe instead we could make the default “note” for revertions i.e. “Reverted to version 56”?
  • Upload notes may also tie in better with this feature request.
  • Downloading would be tremendously useful as well since most of the time I just want to retrieve a resource from a previous version or check to see what the contents are instead rather than reverting to a previous verison and starting from scratch.

It’s not a quick job actually. Even seemingly small tasks can be non-trivial to implement – underscores in usernames took 5 months to implement from when they were announced, not counting internal discussion beforehand. For instance, does the request for update notes sufficiently satisfy the problem, or is there an even more obscure underlying issue, or perhaps a better way to go about solving it? What potential side effects will these have (e.g. will uses still not trust timestamps even if they’re local?).

These have to spend a ton of time in design to make sure they don’t have unintended side effects and solve the problem adequately so we don’t have another feature request for the same issue a few months from now. This is why you haven’t seen any quick patches on old pages unless they were super critical – ROBLOX waits to make changes when they overhaul the page (which will eventually happen here) where they can analyze the big picture.


Really? Because I know the forums use PST… unless they’ve updated it since I last used the forums majorly??

Timezone support would be nice…

I’ve been considering making a chrome extension to do it automatically(Unfortunately I’ve never made an extension before)

I’d love to be able to directly jump into an edit-mode of the specified version instead of having to revert back the entire place - always a pain if I choose one that is too far reverted/not reverted enough.

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Downloading old versions would be great!

In my opinion some of your fixes should be implemented in roblox.

I am no longer fairly sure lol, dev stat day for me ends at 3AM everyday ( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉), which would only be 10PM EST, but also 8PM PST, whereas you stop these things normally at midnight or 5-6PM.

So I just went to devstats to take a look, and the last hour recorded was 9AM!? Which is only an hour behind GMT!! What is this madness

Sorry for screen shotting so awkwardly little, my internet is really bad (.2mbps upload), and my resolution is rlly high (5K), which means it’s awful to take big pictures xd

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I agree, this is a potentially great tool that is being held back by a lack of vital features.

So pretty much, the timezone varies all over the site lmao.

Hey Deep. This is covered in my feature request over here: Game update page + Subscribe to game updates. We’ve made it very clear to Roblox that this is a high priority to us and there is discussion going on about it.


These were both taking at 9PM, not 8 or 3PM GMT, so recently they changed it, without telling anyone

Thanks roblox!


This would be a huge help. The current system is incredibly limiting.

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Yes, please.

Even timezone adjusting or hell, even putting a bit of text at the bottom giving the current time would make it infinitely more usable.

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This is still an Issue, and it’s been 2 years+ already

Thanks for the OP, I’ve been trying to find out what the Time Zone is.

It would be helpful to display time stamps as Local Time and UTC.

Wow it has been 2 years. Going to update OP to be a bit more formal, would love to get some movement on this, its still a massive nuisance

We hear you! No details on the specifics, but this is definitely acknowledged.