Game update page + Subscribe to game updates

edit: This thread has become the most-liked thread ever posted on the Developer Forums. Thanks for the tremendous response! Update logs and update notifications are clearly an incredible priority to Roblox developers. Let’s make this idea a reality.

The Problem

This feature request aims to solve the following problems:

  • Developers have no way to communicate game updates to players. We are forced to change the game icon, thumbnails, and even the titles of our games just to convey that our game has been updated.

  • The game description section is too commonly abused to show update notes because developers do not have a proper avenue to convey update information. This makes it difficult or even impossible for new players to learn about a game before playing it.


  • It is hard for developers to revert changes in their game because they do not have any information in version history except for the version number and the upload date.

  • The “My Feed” section of the home page and the Notifications menu have very little content.

The Solution

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the proposed solution: A dedicated updates tab on the games page where the developer can add updates with version numbers/names and patch notes. Additionally, an opt-in subscription for players who wish to be notified whenever their favorite games have new updates added.

To lay it down: nothing belongs in the game’s title except for the name of the game. Nothing belongs in the game’s description except a short description of the game. Banners and popups don’t belong on a game’s icon.

However, because developers have no other way of conveying update information on the Roblox website, they are forced to make their game and the entire platform as a whole appear less professional by putting stuff where it doesn’t belong and essentially hiding important information from new players.

Steam, Xbox, The App Store and every other game platform all have dedicated sections for news and/or update information about their games or apps. They don’t put it in their game’s blurb and they sure as heck don’t put it on their game’s cover art.

The Technical

How would this process work? Here are the steps:

  1. Developer adds new content to their game. While publishing in Roblox Studio, they will have the option to give the version a name/number as well as a short blurb or changelog explaining what has changed.

  2. If the developer does this, they will be able to add this version to the game page as an update. Even if they don’t, the information attached to this version of the place are displayed in version history (under place settings) so that the developer can easily and accurately revert their game in the event something goes wrong.

  3. If the update is added to the game page by the developer, players who have explicitly subscribed to game updates will receive a notification in the Notifications tab and in “My Feed.” Additionally, mobile players will receive a push notification and PC players a desktop notification depending on their notification settings.

  4. Clicking the notification will take the player to the game’s update page where they can read about the update in its entirety. No matter how many updates the developer makes, subscribers will only receive one notification per game per day. If players are subscribed, a clearly-visible “unsubscribe” button will be displayed directly on the game and/or update page so that players will no longer receive notifications for games they are not interested in.


Let’s take update information out of the icon, out of title, out of the description and out of anywhere else where it doesn’t belong. Let’s grant developers greater control over their game versions. Let’s grant players the ability to know right away when their favorite games are updated. Let’s take an important industry-standard step to effectively communicate vital information about our games.

Thank you.


Much needed. It’s something players ask me for every time I update the game.


I support this, would really be useful for game devs.


I want to add that I am not “calling out” any of the developers in the above screenshots. You are not wrong for trying to get update information to your players by any means necessary on a platform that does not handle this for you.

  • “Update info doesn’t belong in titles/icons/descriptions”
  • “Unfortunately there is no proper medium for this information”
  • “Players not matchmade into old servers”
  • “Opt-in subscriptions to updates”
  • “Changelog for users”

All critical points and I’m disappointed the primary avenue of ROBLOX is so lacking in these areas. I can bear with not having version control as a developer, but not giving the main audience of ROBLOX the tools they need to have an enjoyable experience is really unfortunate, to say the least.

It would be nice to limit to one notification until the user has read the change as well. For instance, if I take a week off from ROBLOX, and Jailbreak has 5 updates during that time, I would only want to see 1 item in my feed when I came back with the most recent update, and maybe “Jailbreak updated with X …and 4 other updates

As for the one notification per day though, I don’t think that’s necessary. If someone abuses the update notifications, anyone who’s opted in for subscription can unsubscribe, rather than using some arbitrary cooldown which may inhibit legitimate use. If we combine multiple unread updates for the same game into a single notification, they’ll only have to dimiss a single notification after unsubscribing, so there’s not much damage someone can do by spamming updates.


Game update subscriptions would be a super neat feature! Would be super useful for players who care what’s new with the game.


I support this fully.


Full support. Especially the part where old servers are no longer join-able, this would make updating a much better experience for everyone.

Having a place for developers to post their change notes makes the platform more unified, instead of having devs resort to 3rd party websites like twitter where change notes are kept simple and too short.



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I support this, I’ve been asked several times for an update log for my game but I’ve postoned it because I didn’t want to do it in the game desc or take the time to make an in-game GUI.


I’ve wanted this for ages, it’d be so useful and would heavily increase player retention.


Support, There is absolutely no reason why this feature shouldn’t be added, nor any reason why it hasn’t already.


Huge support, I don’t even necessarily agree with my past self when I posted about this 2+ years ago that it has to be favorites or likes. It could be a new button all together.

Luckily the urgency of the update was mitigated due to roblox not actually carrying out their rule where devs shouldn’t put updates or icon updates on their game.


Whoa, yes! This is definitely needed! Makes things a lot easier and more convenient for us developers. I agree with the points and it definitely is annoying. Not to mention that players tend to neglect reading the description before playing and it’s quite frustrating.


This would be soo nice! I love getting notifications on YouTube videos, so having them on games would be fantastic! I also agree that the way games present updates int the best and needs to be improved.


I support the idea for an updates tab feature as using the description of a game isn’t what it is intended for.

I think banners are still a great thing as it sends the information directly to other people, especially if done correctly.


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I’ve wanted this for a long time - would be so useful!

There are quite a few developers (myself included) who use Discord/Twitter to notify players of an update but there are still lots of players who don’t have either of these and need to be notified of the update - support! :+1: :smiley:


I’m shocked we still don’t have something like this. This would be great as long as you can opt out of sending update messages for minor bug fixes.



The prompt to name and blurb the update would appear every time you publish and if you fill it out would be displayed under Version History in the place settings. There would be a separate option to display this update on the game’s update page and to send it to subscribers.


Strongly support!

Made a mock-up of this:

(Icons in the top left of releases could be optional)

(Pin option, so an important release isn’t buried)

(Ability to list off updates & such similar to an update log)

How does Developer release work?

Basically explained in shortest terms, a commentary section for the game made for update details, news, sales, etc., where only the developer could post. The developer could add whatever they want to be broadcasted to the general public and of course have the option to edit/delete any past posts. Users could subscribe to ‘Developer release’ to be notified when something new is added that could be anything ranging from updates, clan raids, or when a sale is happening

Why is Developer release good?

The game’s description should be focused on describing what the game is about and how to play the game, not recent updates or when a sale is being held.