Update to Developer Forum Entry Process


I feel like this update is awesome, but now being accepted into the forum doesn’t feel so special anymore. I was brought in through this new system, and I can’t complain, however I would have preferred the old system and being able to earn my place here.


But you have earned it.
By all that you have done so far.
Just, please, keep up the good works.


Thank you


I like this new system.
I remember having to apply a lot just to get on the DevForums.
Now, I’m happy that we have a new system in place to get on the DevForums.


so they can get in and cause havoc.


Moderation would deal with them appropriately, in that case.


Nice idea, personally I agree with this seeing as I had to wait over 6 months for my application to be read and responded to, though I understand the reasons as to why, manual invitations will always take longer than automated invitations, but as a result will be more accurate.


This thread came out 2 days ago, whereas I was invited to the forums 15 days ago. However, I had only submitted 1 application, which was rejected over half a year ago. Was this in place since the start of the new Year?


I’m pretty sure they started testing this system a while before briefing the community. It said something like that on the discord server


So it’s been a few days.

I don’t think this seems to be working. As anyone who pays attention to #development-support can attest, several new members have actively ignored the rules or simply not read them. That isn’t to say that all new members are like that, but the number of them who are like this has increased dramatically since this change happened (a week or two) and it seems likely to keep increasing as time passes.


I agree with this. With the old way of having people apply, you had to demonstrate your written ability as well as your skill level. I’m sure that if you weren’t able to communicate well (in terms of high quality), you were less likely to get in.

Within the last week, we’ve had many low quality posts from new members who have obviously not read the guidelines for the specific section. I have also come across far more posts from members letting other new members know that their posts have been flagged for being rude or make no sense, lacking information or proper formatting.

I’m all for more developers being accepted into the forum and asking productive questions but I feel like there should still be a step involved to gauge the ability of that developer, not just allowing them a membership for taking a look around the forums.


I agree. I really like the idea of accepting new members in and having a more open and diverse community, but there should be some sort of step to ensure they can communicate clearly and express ideas.


Exactly. Much like the discobot tutorial but compulsory for all new developers accepted this way and more intensive.


I am a New Member that got in though the new system. It seems much better than the old system, but there is some things that need to be fixed and improved. Possibly it could sort out users with newer Roblox accounts, or moderations in the past to be verified by a moderator before they add them to New Member, or they could quickly verify everyone before they get New Member.


There have been some low-quality posts. I don’t really think this is a long-term problem. More like a short term one that will eventually vanish as the community works together to educate new users and flag posts that needs to get flagged.

I have to say, it’s really unnecessary to post questions that can easily be found by a quick look at the wiki, or by a quick Google search.

Nevertheless, this problem isn’t here to stay.


I agree.

even tho i got in via the new system


Same here. I believe there are plenty of actual developers that are / were waiting to get in. I think Roblox knows what they are doing.


I hope so.


This was me. I waited since August or so to get a reply, but none came. Now I can post yay!


Hopefully this all works out very efficiently.


It’s fine, but I think that too many ‘‘New Members’’ are making garbage posts, maybe make it a tiny bit harders to become one? Im a new member myself,