Update to Roblox Licensing Program & Brand Guidelines

Yes. it is a common marketing tactic for them to push modern content, like any company. I mean, have you seen Activision-Blizzard pushing Overwatch one content lately?

However, the rig is literally based off of the R15 bone scheme. It quite frankly, is R15. I’m not suggesting it should be synonymous because It’s definitely a different product, but it is a subset of R15, like any other package on the catalog. I’m quite content with roblox pushing out the old parts of the platform. A lot of it is legacy and has very little use cases. To call me ignorant while I’m only pushing what is blatantly there and digging more in depth is quite a stretch. Unlike many who comment on this thread, I actually understand why and how they’ve moved, and don’t hide behind rose-tinted glasses that I have from 10 years ago.


This is very interesting, I wonder what else Roblox will do in the future?


I mean, it’s doing poorly for financial reasons and because the market as a whole is getting more conservative, but that too.

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The stock is down because the whole market is down. There's a media sensationalized war going on with severe economic impact, among other factors. Don't drag meaningless stock bickering into this, it dilutes real feedback.


I agree, thank you for bringing this up. As an avid investor who follows the market daily, I find it funny that people on the Devforum and on YouTube believe every negatively received update has a direct impact on the stock price of Roblox. Investors are not engaged in the platform listening to essentially inconsequential updates and complaints from developers and players, instead they are leaning on key metrics such as financials, profitability, and projections. The market in general is doing poorly (due to Covid, Ukraine, Inflation, etc…).

It is true that Roblox is more volatile than more stable companies, but in general it is tracking with the market. That isn’t to say Roblox’s decisions never impact their market cap. If these decisions impact Roblox on a more broad scale (player/ revenue loss) then their stock will be negatively effected as investors evaluate the value of the company and their potential for long term success. But as you said, these updates are not directly impacting Roblox’s stock price, they only have the potential to indirectly impact them in the future.


I’ve updated my post, pointing out the vague & blocking areas of the ToS changes. Roblox needs to update the ToS to be more clear!

I’ve also updated the post with another problem these changes bring up that I hadn’t initially considered:


You say that like you don’t realize why devs do it. It’s not for lack of creativity. I can create dozens of names in a minute to describe any game that exists, the point of using roblox-themed names is your trying to give the game a Roblox theme, as some people like that. Also, they are not getting rid of the old rigs; they just want to market the new ones more because they haven’t received the reception they hoped for.


Honestly the more I look into these changes the more unnecessary they seem. I can’t put into words how some of these changes put a sour taste in my mouth. Weren’t some of these changes attempted in the past, but were reverted due to community backlash? Why is another attempt being made?

I’m just so confused behind the motive of these changes, obviously it’s Roblox trying to “Modernise” but I can’t seem to figure out any other reason. Especially the sunsetting of the Developer Stars Program, which makes no sense in my head.


Is this a joke?
Ok maybe I understand a little the logo & badge thing, but now we can’t use R6 and R15 avatars anymore? What? Have you guys lost your minds or something?

There’s no way I am using Rthro, have a nice day.


But there are users who “Made fake AD game into real”

Yeah, i understand if this was just for stuff outside the platform or scam games called “Roblox Rewards” or stuff like that but for average games its kinda weird.


What do you mean Roblox is gonna do false advertising

Can one of you guys explain what the deal with R15/R6 characters means? I don’t understand it

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It’s was commented on by a Roblox admin earlier. Pretty much afaik, Roblox doesn’t want you using their R6/R15 characters for your own brand. (When making toys or irl stuff)
You can still promote your game digitally with R6/R15 rigs (on Twitter, YouTube, Roblox, etc)


What if Roblox advertises deprecated thingy, it’s false advertising.

So, does this mean we can make our own toys?


One of the head managers for the Roblox Toy Brand released a tweet saying he’d be willing to work with any Roblox Developer to keep making new toys with them, thankfully. I know wasn’t the main part of your post just wanted to share.


Im aware of that. The issue isn’t roblox’s stock doing poorly. I’m trying to relay the fact that roblox is making the goofiest dookiest decisions imaginable.

You underpay developers, your moderation falsely bans innocent people and takes far too long to ban bad actors, you’re destroying our public repositories for all developers, and now you’re limiting our advertisement off-platform to Rthro and vague “heavily customized R15”. And you’re not letting us use Roblox or anything similar on-platform. Do you want your developers to leave? How are you empowering us when it feels more like you’re throttling us?


Based on the wording / phrasing of this update:

  • If your experience uses R15 / R6 (Classic Avatars) you can no longer make trailers or teasers for your experience that features characters from said experience even on the Youtube platform.
    As this counts as advertisement and or film.

  • If your experience uses Classic Avatars you can not show gameplay of your game
    in your trailers or advertisements as they utilize the Classic Avatars.

  • If your experience uses Classic Avatars you are disallowed from selling accurate
    representations of your characters as physical products.

  • If your Experience has “Blox” in the name (made prior to June 23rd) you can no longer
    advertise your game as it has the word “Blox” in it.

  • If your Experience has “Blox” in the name you are no longer able to sell products of your experience unless you change the name of your experience.

  • If you are able to advertise your Experience, you are unable to tell users where they can
    play it. As only Stars Influencers (Video Creators) and specific partners are allowed to
    utilize Roblox and their logo in their advertisement.

With the wording / phrasing of this update it has only limited usage of the classic packages further as well as discouraging users from trying to be brand friendly, while also discouraging them from developing classic experiences.

If I’m wrong about this and read this wrong, you can let me know. But this is essentially what I’ve come to understand from this.