Update to Roblox Licensing Program & Brand Guidelines


We have updated the licensing and brand usage section of the Terms of Use and our Name and Logo Usage Guidelines to clarify how to promote your experiences outside of Roblox.

As the community has grown, we’ve seen many questions about how you can or can’t use the Roblox logo. Our updated guidelines clarify how to easily share that your experience is on Roblox when promoting it off the platform and how to create commercial products and content—without needing to license through our programs.

At a high level, here’s what’s new:

Introducing the “On Roblox” Badge

We have a new “On Roblox” badge that you can use on promotional materials you produce with the intellectual property (IP) of your experience. This badge will replace the Roblox logo when promoting your experience off-platform. More details are available as a downloadable guide on the Name and Logo Usage Guidelines page.

We encourage you to use this badge for all digital marketing uses (such as on your social channels) without needing Roblox approval. We also have a form where you can request permission to use the badge for offline (non-digital) promotions, like a billboard or tv commercial, or submit questions around off-platform commercial usage.

Limitations on Commercial Uses of Roblox IP

We are updating our Terms of Use to prevent off-platform, commercial use of Roblox IP including our name, logo, the badge and derivatives of the classic Roblox avatars. Classic avatars are ones that are built using the “R6” and “R15” models. After this change, Roblox IP can only be used commercially at Roblox’s sole discretion and with a Roblox licensing agreement.

You will be able to continue using what could be classified as “R15,” but only if the avatar is heavily customized and the “classic” form is no longer apparent. The level of customization will be determined by Roblox - see the new guidelines page for more information including a request process.

You may also continue using humanoid characters built on Rthro or creatures, pets, buildings, vehicles, and environments in your own commercial products under your experience name.

And finally, you may continue using all avatar types when promoting your experience online and on the platform. Keep in mind that commercial use of avatar characters are subject to the guidance outlined in the Name and Logo Usage Guidelines.

Restrictions on “Roblox” and Variants (Blox, Bloxy, etc.)

We want the IP of your experiences to be able to grow, thrive, and have their own strong recognition separate from the Roblox brand. Developers using “Roblox” naming structure in the title of their experiences have tried to grow beyond the platform only to be limited because of the inherent association and confusion with the Roblox brand. The previous guidelines generally prohibited this already, but we are clarifying this restriction in the new guidelines.

Note that experiences with Roblox (or variants of Roblox) in the title that have been published on the platform as of June 22nd may keep the title (subject to the creator’s compliance with the rest of the guidelines).

Sunsetting the Stars Licensing Program

Since 2018, the Stars Program has been an amazing source of collaboration and we’ve loved working with creators through the years on some incredible products loved by millions! We’ve seen creators successfully building their own brands independent of Roblox and in an effort to give more power to all creators, we have made the decision to sunset the Stars Program.

We feel that the tenacity and creativity of creators today has outgrown our ability to keep up. With that, we will begin winding down the program to give creators more freedom with their IP so that they can freely build their brand however they like. We will continue to work with these creators on next steps and hope to see their continued success!

We understand that there are projects and partnerships underway that will be affected by these changes and will work with creators to minimize these impacts as much as possible, including reaching out to participants in the Stars Program to discuss the logistics of winding down the program.

Thank you,

Developer Relations


Can I continue using R6 and R15 avatars in my experience and in promotional assets?

  • Absolutely! The classic R6 and R15 avatars are still an important part of the platform and we want developers to continue using whichever avatar type best matches the creative vision for the experience.

    You are allowed to use all Roblox avatars in your promotional materials, regardless of if you’re using a classic style (R6 / R15) or one of our newer avatar types. This includes assets like: thumbnails, trailers, social media pages and posts, and advertisements. All you need to do is make sure any asset you are using follows the rest of the Name and Logo Guidelines. If you are unsure if an asset is following the guidelines you can always submit a request for approval through this form.

Do the new IP usage guidelines restrict me from creating videos or streaming content using the R6 or R15 avatars?

  • No, the Guidelines do not restrict this. We love our content creators and the videos and animations they make with Roblox avatars. You are free to continue using all avatar types in your social media content and you may continue monetizing that content (such as through YouTube ad revenue).

    We also love when people build communities around Roblox. Just note that if your channel or fan site uses “Roblox” or “Blox,” please make sure you say that your page is not affiliated with Roblox. You will also need to contact us if you are considering producing content like a TV show or a movie using the classic R6 or R15 avatars. More details around the restrictions on physical and off-platform digital merchandise are available in the Intellectual Property section of our Terms of Use.

Am I required to use the “On Roblox” badge on all of my content?

  • No, the badge is an option you may use if you’d like to note that your experience is on Roblox. It is not required. Since the full logo usage is limited, this badge allows all to communicate their experience is playable “On Roblox” in a standard, consistent way.

How does the restriction on the use of “Roblox” and “Blox” apply to experiences which were already published or in development?

  • The revised guidelines only apply to new experiences created after June 22, 2022. Experiences that were published or in development before we released these new guidelines may continue to use their previously established title.

    Established experiences are also permitted to create sequels using the existing title of their experience. For example, if your experience was titled “Roblox World” you could also create “Roblox World 2.” However, you would not be able to create a new experience with a different title, such as “Roblox Universe,” after June 22.

Which “Stars” program is being sunset?

  • There are two very different programs which both have “Stars” in the name. The Roblox Video Stars Program (an ongoing program for our video content creators) and the Developer Stars Program. The Developer Stars Program was a licensing initiative where we worked closely with creators on the platform to create merchandise (such as toys, books, and apparel) together. Only the licensing program is ending.

What do I do if I have more questions that are not covered here?

  • We are learning alongside the community and your questions and feedback are invaluable as we develop policies like this. If you have a specific example of a product or promotional asset that you feel is not covered by the new guidelines, please share it with us here.

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As someone whos apart of the Star Program this really feels like a slap in the face. As a solo developer I don’t have the means, nor skills to reach out to toy companies and brands to create my own toy lines, I’ve been relying on roblox to do this. Roblox switching everything over to “UGC generated”, only helps the top few, with tons of employees and brand regonition who can get this done. Everyone else is left in the dust, disadvantaged compared to the massive leach companies.

I truly don’t understand the reasoning behind this, why sunset a crutial pathway of revenue for developers and enjoyment for players?


If I’m reading this right, then this change is horrible.

So, from now on, we cant have games that follow the format of “NameBlox”???
We’re also now cant use the Roblox IP using a R6 character, or r15 using a classic style?? Even then, we have to request for permission?

Roblox has really lost their minds when it comes to branding. None of us like rthro and probably wont use it.

And also, rip the star program.


Since this program is what was used for creators to make Toys, does this mean there will be no more new Roblox Toys themed after specific creators/experiences? Also, what does this mean for the future of Roblox toys as a whole?


Set the “days since last pointless bean-counting update” counter back to zero, folks!


This is a bitter sweet end to a program that we all knew too little about. In one way, this clips the wings of those who don’t have the means to stomach horrible toy company deals but on the other, this finally frees so many people from the allegedly predatory contract that the licensing star program provided to those who were being onboarded and gives everyone the freedom to do their toys on their own way.


“…you will see many opinions about Rthro and how we are compelling people to use it, but it’s just an option that we provide”

“Nobody is making you give up your old blocky avatar” (The 'Roblox' team weighs in on the Old Rthro vs Blocky avatar debate)

What happened? :thinking:


We are updating our Terms of Use to prevent off-platform, commercial use of Roblox IP including our name, logo, the badge and derivatives of the classic Roblox avatars. Classic avatars are ones that are built using the “R6” and “R15” models.

What on earth? So are we not allowed to have a choice between Rthro and R6/R15 anymore when it comes to commercial use, despite Roblox having been incredibly clear that we are allowed to use R6 in our games for years without any consequences? Can someone clarify this for me for how we are allowed to market our games that specifically only allow the use of R6 avatars? Are we supposed to use big censor bars on everybody or something?


(if im wrong please correct me) but isnt the stars program the youtuber thing? this is a huge change plus using a badge FOR every roblox advertisement off site? a bit insane.


They’re talking about things like selling toys or other merch of your experience, not marketing it.


There was also another program for developers with the same name. It’s been around since 2018 and very secretive for no reason.


That’s still problematic though. Completely disincentives larger games trying to use R6 despite it being allowed and goes against what they have previously said. Someone already linked an article where they have an opposite stance on this previously.


as soon this topic opens:

star codes are no more… please WHY
the name change policy- it’s going to be a stress for CoR (the possibly future game one, not the 2011 one), and i kinda don’t get why :man_facepalming:
for the offsite commercial policy change, what if we want to advertise our game, BUT it doesn’t support Rthro/mainly locks every player to a classic Roblox avatar package?? it will break the entire purpose of the game being a classic Roblox avatar pack user? this change will entirely force us to change our avatars to Rthro if we want to add ourselves to the ad then, and it would look cringe! it isn’t allowing us flexible options to create our experience with commercial promotion, like why??? i hope it will change soon as this makes development tighter and less flexible


It doesn’t disincentive anything other than making Roblox toys or shirts with classic Roblox IP on them


Stars Licensing Program for toys, not Youtube.


So what if a larger game wanted to make merch for their R6 characters?


Since the Stars Program is gone now I do believe that this is good for devs who want more control over their toy lines.


I’ve genuinely enjoyed creating toys for the duration of this program! Thank you all for the opportunity - great work keeping it up this long. I see a bright future for creators as we start signing our own deals :slight_smile:


Developer engagement from Roblox is slowly but surely dwindling away, very unfortunate.