Update UI Feedback

I created a Update UI feedback that notifies and informs players about a new in-game update. Please note that the images used in this UI are not mine and full credit goes to Adopt Me for the pet image and Rush_X on Twitter for the 2 building images. Thank you!

How can I improve this UI? What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it?
*I appreciate helpful, constructive criticism. I do NOT appreciate rude remarks and you will be flagged.


This is a really attractive and good UI design. Maybe add some sort of design in the background because right now it is just plain white. Another piece of feedback is if you look at the X button, it is slightly taller than it is wide. Maybe stretch it out a little further so it is a little bit more wide. Other than that, this is a wonderful UI and I encourage you to make more designs.


You should make it customizable instead of just blue and white. Maybe make a dark mode, or make it so people can customize the blue like in Adopt Me.


Definitely going to consider a UI Theme mode if I do use the artwork. As of right now, it’s just portfolio work.


Thanks man. I’ll definitely do this now!

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