Updated Arcade Machine

So a few months back I posted a arcade machine I built in studio, so being the person I am months later I thought it’d be nice to updated it. I’d really love the feedback! :happy2:
Before -

After -


Looks great for a start! It is quite low on detail though… I would add like more buttons and maybe two nobs instead of one. It needs to be curved more maybe try using a plugin for that if you are limited to studio. I would try to make a design on the sides or a logo, not like the decal though thats fine. Maybe add additional colors other than the main two you have picked., Add some plugin areas at the bottom with a cord coming out if you can. With the theme you used I would use a block type cord, instead of a cylinder shaped one.

Kind of like this but your colors and customizations.


The new one looks better. Maybe you can add some art to the sides like a real Arcade Cabinet. It also looks like it’s built for two players. Maybe you can move the buttons and stick to the middle. Looks pretty good!

The low poly feel is really nice, as well as the structure.
It could definitely use some work tho, so try and look at reference images like King posted.

it looks good but it needs more detail
by the way:
when the arcade machine is SUS!

It’s okay. A bit too simple. Maybe add some buttons…?