Updated Docking System Beta - Plugins not saving docked positions and occasionally causing Studio to hang

Not a very complicated issue to explain, here is what I was doing while it happened:

  • Editing data with the popular DataStore Editor by sleitnick
  • Plugin always opens docked to the north panel despite being dragged to the south panel every time
  • After playtesting, opened the plugin and it was undocked entirely (in a small window near the center to the left)
  • Attempting to dock this window to the south panel makes the application hang immediately
  • Tabbing out (without closing the hanging app) left behind the panel I attempted to dock to
  • Reopening the application reinstalls studio (side note: I suffer from a G-SYNC bug that makes this very very cumbersome)
  • The beta is still enabled in studio however my output is where I tried to dock the plugin (not where it was before crash or beta opt in) and it seems to have reverted to the old docking system

EDIT: It seems that after disabling the beta, restarting, enabling the beta then restarting again did not re-enable the beta and there doesn’t seem to be any obvious way to do so. For now it seems I am stuck with the old docking system.

The ghost panel after tabbing out

I’ve included an image taken as Studio crashed in the private content as it contains sensitive game data.

A private message is associated with this bug report

Unfortunately I think you were on the cutting edge of a regression caused by the Studio 605 release which causes the Docking Beta Feature to be unavailable even if the feature is checked on.

While testing the hotfix for this regression (hopefully to release this week) I was able to dock DataStore Editor in the South region successfully. But it doesn’t seem to automatically open in a new session. When I do click DataStore Editor it does restore in the South.

We’ll take a look at why it’s not staying open but I think the worst parts of your issue was due to a funky Studio update. There was also a renderer crash in the original 605 release that has already been patched in today’s 605.1

Quick update: the DataStore Editor is purposely and explicitly not letting Studio restore to visible. So it’s working as the developer has intended.