[UPDATED] Free to use mesh kit! (Perfect Sphere Included)

Hey everyone!

I made a mesh kit that everybody can use for free!

Meshes in this kit:

All meshes




Including the perfect sphere!

But why the “perfect sphere” is perfect?

Let’s compare the default sphere and the perfect sphere:

The left sphere is the roblox default sphere, look closer at it, looks a little bit low-poly, right?
In this closeup, we can see that it doesn’t looks like an sphere at all, it looks polygonal

But the right sphere is the perfect sphere
Look how detailed it is!

Also, it is smoother than roblox default sphere
Here is another comparison, the left sphere, is the default one, the right one is the perfect sphere, look how it doesn’t becomes a “spike”

(UPDATE 23/11/20)

Added more meshes to the kit!

Sorry if my english goes for the clouds :cloud: im not a native of english-talking :sweat_smile:

Any feedback or suggestion appreciated!

Thank you!


Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 6.13.11 PM
Nice now I can make a crayon
(But seriously, Amazing job! A lot of people dont have blender and this can help a lot!)


Nice looking meshes, you are a very good modeler!