(Updated Game) Feedback For My Game [Parkour of Hell]

Hello, I need some feedback about my game that I have developed, what is missing or what is wrong or anything else I will be glad if you give feedback,I’m developing the game myself .(every feedback is appreciated)

Game Version V2.0

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I would recommend making a “Pro” mode, because people like me find this parkour too easy
Other than that, it’s cool!

Great job! The Parkour you made there looks nice.

But here are few things that you can add:
-Most deaths/ death counts (how many people respawned/died in total while doing the obby)
-Add music to the background since it seems weird that there’s no background music to it

Keep up the great work.

More obstacles, categorised obstacles, so for the first part you have the easy part, and then moderate level, and then finally, the hard level

It’s honestly not bad! The one thing I’d fix is making the space less narrow and small. I can’t really see where I’m jumping and if this game goes big, it’s going to be hard for everyone to see while everyone’s crowding and jumping.

Thanks for your feedback I will think

if i make more leaderboards i will add this thanks

that might be fine, but I don’t want to make a too difficult parkour but i will think anyway

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Thanks for your feedback, I will make