[Updated] Gamepad UI Highlight Improvements

The selection box button when pressed stops the player from moving, which is indented from the looks of it, but I would like to be able to customize that.

I am guessing the disabling of the players movement is done in Roblox’s code via the controls module and doing Controls:Disable() and Controls:Enable() when the selection button is pressed. This is how I am currently disabling the players controls in my game so competing for disabling a players controls breaks things sometimes.

Why do I want this to be changeable?

A bit complex to say: I am currently making a pause menu and want the game to be on Xbox. The only button that can really be used for a pause button is the selection button because Roblox already uses the menu button. The issue with using the selection button to open a pause menu is that the player could switch to a keyboard for input to exit the pause menu, and then go back to controller with the selection box being already being selected, thus disabling the controls when they should be able to move. I could provide a video example if needed.

Put short: Can we be able to control whether the selection button disables the players controls?


However, this hasn’t fixed this bug yet:

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Appreciate the feedback. That’s a reasonable polish item for us and generally a good practice so the player knows there are additional items you can scroll to. The spacing might be different for each implementation so we’d have to consider that. The various different and crazy layouts that developers can make might be a factor but we can test this.


I think it’d perhaps be more flexible to add an ‘OccludesInput’ property on GuiObjects to specify whether we want something to block inputs behind it - this would not only let us mark up our decorative elements properly but also could extend to new things like allowing mouse input or touch to pass through multiple layers :slight_smile:


True, it’s a more difficult problem to solve than it’d seem-- if a new property is out of the question, I could maybe see it based off a percentage of the ScrollingFrame’s Y size or maybe even the size of the currently selected/surrounding buttons.


Wow amazing for the selection group that relieves so much now useless code for many games!

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Image Buttons seems to be broken:
Picture from an Xbox player on our game (as all xbox players currently can’t play the game)

I have tested myself also within studio with a controller. And it really doesn’t react on image buttons.

What exactly happens?

  • Doesn’t highlight
  • Can’t click on it by using A or RT
  • The mouse icon of it also doesn’t highlight

To anyone experiencing this issue a temporary fix would be putting a TextButton inside the imagebutton.


Hey! Virtual cursor uses slightly different rules. Buttons with active == false will not be selected with the virtual cursor. If you set active to true, they should work again!


Can you let us know if that fixed the issue you were having?


Putting Active to true does indeed fix the problem, thank you!
Sorry for the late response, been busy.


We have a set of additional improvements to the Gamepad UI Highlight system that have been released.


This update includes improvements within the following areas:

  • Scrolling Frames - improved logic for selecting GuiObjects within the same scrolling frame and moving out of the scrolling frame

  • Billboard GUI’s - allowing selection of objects within a Billboard GUI

  • Selection Logic - GuiObjects that are completely surrounded by other GuiObjects can now be reached and selected


Scrolling Frames

  • If the current selection is in a scrolling frame, the gamepad highlight will prefer other buttons in the same scrolling frame

  • The highlight will only move back outside of the scrolling frame if you are at the edge of one of the directions and there are no more selections


  • GuiObjects under BillboardGuis can now be navigated with highlight selection

  • You can set the initial selection with GuiService.SelectedObject and the selection system will be able to automatically move through the UI objects in the BillboardGui

  • UI highlight selection won’t select the BillboardGui UI initially and it won’t jump from a BillboardGui to other BillboardGuis, SurfaceGuis or ScreenGuis

  • This change also fixes some bugs with moving the highlight selection on SurfaceGuis.

Algorithm Adjustments

  • Adjustment to the selection algorithm for more consistent tie-breaking

  • Slight adjustment to the selection algorithm so that overlapping GuiObjects are selectable


In the image above, there is a large outer button selection. Pressing down will select the inside A button. With the A button selected, down will choose the E button outside of both.

Disappearing Selections

Previously, if there was a single GuiObject on the screen, and that GuiObject disappeared (e.g. a confirmation pop up window that closes), the user would stay in UI selection mode, but there was no UI to select, so it can appear to the user as if the game is broken and the avatar can’t move. We tested an improvement to this behavior and saw player session times go up when this was active:

  • If the currently selected GuiObject disappears or becomes not selectable, we look for a new GuiObject selection and we set that as the new SelectedObject (this is the same behavior as if you toggled into UI selection mode)

  • If we don’t find any selectable GuiObjects, we turn off UI selection mode and return control of the avatar to the player


As always, we’d like to know what you think about these changes and whether you run into any issues in the comment section below.


Hey. I know this is more than a month old now, but I am still having issues with the gamepad UI selection. When pressing the selection box on a gamepad, mainly an Xbox controller, the players controls are disabled. This is an issue for my game as I disable and enable the player controls for multiple reasons like talking to an NPC.

I feel that having the ability to choose whether or not the players controls are disabled with the selection box would fix many issues I am currently having in my game.

Here is how I am disabling the players controls:

local LocalPlayer = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer
local Controls = require(LocalPlayer.PlayerScripts.PlayerModule):GetControls()


I used the method shown due to the announcement by Roblox: New Player Scripts are coming (10.11.18), and how you can prepare

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Also, controls are seemingly enabled when switching input types. For example, when I switch to an Xbox controller, I gain my controls back. Despite the fact that I disabled them. This means that players can switch input types to break things like NPC interaction.

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Hi there! To clarify, are you asking for the ability to allow players to move the selection box and their avatar at the same time? If you don’t need your players to be able to navigate UI and move their avatar simultaneously, I would try setting GuiService.SelectedObject to nil when returning control to the player. If there’s no available UI on the screen or SelectedObject is nil, we should return control automatically.

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Yes, although it does sound weird for 99% of use cases.
The default, if there was to be a toggle for selection button changing the controls state, would be as it is now. Disabling the changing of controls with the selection box entirely would be the other option in the toggle.

My use case:
I have made a pause menu for my game, but it needs to work for Xbox. Roblox uses the normal menu button for Xbox controllers; and I don’t think Roblox has a way to disable that. I need to use another button on the Xbox controller for a pause menu and thus have used the selection button.

Edit: I am disabling and enabling controls myself after a user presses the button to leave. I guess the best way to put it is that my disabling and Roblox’s enabling is conflicting with each other.

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@AykeriZero I isolated the controls scripts into a file and a game so that anyone can test it out.

Walk into the blue part on PC, that will disable your controls. After this, plug in an Xbox remote and try walking around. You should see that you have your controls back, and to this I say why?

Here is the game published if you want to try it there

Here is the file if you want to check the code and stuff out in Studio:
Controls Toggle - Testing Baseplate.rbxl (38.0 KB)

Edit: This is issue 1, the 2nd issue is that the players controls are disabled and enabled when pressing the selection button on an Xbox remote which conflicts with my disabling and enabling.

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Thanks so much for the repro file! I’ve filed this issue as a bug with the playerscripts and I’ll get back to you when we have an update.


Hi there! I looked into the issue and it should be fixed now. If you’re using updated playerscripts, switching controls between keyboard and gamepad should not reenable player controls if you called ControlModule:Disable(). Please let us know if you experience any further issues!

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Hey, thanks for looking into it! The issue is no longer happening inside a Roblox game, but still seems to be happening inside Roblox Studio.

I wasn’t exactly sure if it was a bug at first so I made a scripting help and feedback post that was turned into a bug report. Sorry for any of the confusion this might have caused.

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