[Updated] I'm making a custom chat framework

A month ago and a week, I tried making a chat framework from scratch (like everything), but it got a bit messy and I scrapped it.

I’m remaking it, bigger and better. Like before Everything is being made from scratch. UI, UI handling, modules, remote events and remote functions.

You can visit the public test place to see what I’ve got so far. Current UI design isn’t final.

EDIT: Read my latest reply.
EDIT 2: The framework is complete. Things that are included are:

  • RichText support
  • Easy to understand code
  • Text filtering (message censoring)
  • Custom-made commands (and the ability to add some)
  • ChatChannels
  • Whispering (Private chatting)

I checked it out, but it does not have filtering. You should add it.

Thanks for letting me know. I will check it out.

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Anyways, its good! If Im not wrong, you used RichText?

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Yeah, I am.

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I added a channel system, as well as some commands you can use to interact with different channels. In order to get all commands, type in/help.

There are currently two channels: Public and Private. The channels don’t do anything yet, they are just there.

Now it’s better! Added censor, whisper.
Keep up with the good work.
I’ll be here in next update :slight_smile:

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