Updated In Experience Controls on Roblox

honestly, they should bring this back but with a few additions

builder font

the captures tab

mute all, microphone, camera, and self view controls

“Give Feedback” button in the Experience Language page

replace Follow with Notify in Experience Info page

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agreed, the menus on the left side were the goat. can’t believe they’ve been testing and had 3 different versions since 2020 and stuck with a 2015 redesign


Developing for the new controls is super difficult when you have to consider some users are still on the old controls. I imagine there would be more widespread adoption if Roblox communicated when more players will have the new controls rolled out.


agreed, the v4 menu is literally just a 2015 menu reskin with the home button being removed on desktop


i could have a suggestion for the uis is by just basically adding different options to pick between different styles of uis for us to get comfortable with

but im not sure if the suggestion in question would be a ok idea considering there could be a complexity between interfaces

There’s a new bug with the UI that didn’t happen before. If you click and drag out of a button, then let go of the left mouse button, the button will stay in the “hover” state.


This happens in a lot of different areas (all unibar buttons, playerlist ‘X’ button, buttons in the “Report” and “Captures” menus, purchase prompt buttons, AvatarEditorService prompt buttons, etc.)


This is absolutely horrible in every way. Loved having to count how many pixels this new topbar is BTW

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I do love the ability to pin items that may have not previously been on the topbar onto the topbar now, having easy access to these buttons is amazing.


please, could the new topbar be rolled out more? i love the new ui & my current projects ui has been based off of it for months, but ingame i have been stuck with the old ui, and i cannot release with it looking like this. also the new capture button is very out of place, it would look better in the unibar


Please fix the lag!!!



FYI: the new UI is currently only in a testing phase. Once the test is complete (in a few weeks) then we’ll be going back to the old UI for a bit until the new UI is ready for a full release. We also have a variant which puts the captures button in the unibar-- you’ll likely see that in the future release.

Glad you like the UI though!


We should also be able to change the TextColor, TextStrokeColor, TextStrokeTransparency, FontFace, BackgroundTransparency, BackgroundColor an ImageColor of the Topbar buttons an the Leaderboard for more customization.

Examples Below.


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Could u also allow devs to change the BackgroundTransparency of the buttons ourselves? This would be awesome. This would allow us to match our games own UI style. having bold, almost black icons in a game with soft pastel ui looks really out of place. Thanks for considering :pray:

you thought i wouldn’t notice you all trying to be slick?
i’m reposting the exact same thing i have posted under the original “experience controls”

cool. thanks for entirely ignoring all of our criticism. really shows what kind of “love” you have.
this is complete garbage, many people (myself included) have entirely custom top-bars, which have now been completely destroyed by buttons that are 500% too big, butt-ugly, and to top it all of THE PLAYERLIST DOESNT EVEN ALIGN TO THE CORNER OF THE SCREEN!

also WE STILL CANT ACCESS ANY OF THE BUTTONS. It has been well over 5 months now.

Im going to try to make a change anyways;
An option to remove the “experience controls” altogether.
An option to both change the transparency, and the corner radius of the new buttons.

And of course an option to go back to the 36 pixel buttons, which were more than sufficient.
–Post 1

oh also to add onto this, since we’re not allowed to add buttons we have to add completely black buttons around the current ones (which are already too big), and forced to make them bigger
–Post 2

because im not a man of hollow words, i took a couple of minutes to design something that’s still big, but way better placed and proportioned
the icons are 40x40 pixels, positioned 5pixels from the top, and 5 pixels from the left. the experience controls is 10 pixels from the menu icon.
all of the icons have been squared off alot more.

This looks alot better (in my opinion and a couple of people i asked) than whatever you have created, and it took me 10 minutes. what’s your excuse?
(also the curves are 0.15 instead of 1)
–Post 3

Stop ignoring our criticism and finally listen instead of just focusing on “oh i like this”

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Please understand people don’t want the height of the topbar to be increased from its current specification and take this into consideration. Thank you

I think that giving everyone an option to change the top bar size by their preference would be bice

And I think that for mobile users the top bar should be moved to the bottom of the screen because when you use the thumbstick just by using your thumb you’ll just cover the Roblox icon and it could be easier to access things and it’ll look better plus maybe improving the ergonomics of the hand and immersion. Just saying. (It doesn’t matter if you think that this would make the user interface more worse, this is by design and we will design things the way we want it. User experience should be decided by the developer.)

Also please give us the freedom (and more customization) to change a lot of things in the Roblox top bar by giving us the option to change the buttons’ BackgroundTransparency, its UICorner, its Padding, Color, and more as well as giving us Events like when will a window like chat or leaderboard would be open or not. Please redesign the Menu Settings from scratch please and thank you for giving us an update on this.

I would make a user interface concept on how the top bar should look like but I can’t do that because I’m not a ui designer yet.

phone recording from 2023

the static animation when opening could pair well now we have Reduce Motion


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