Updated In Experience Controls on Roblox

Hi Creators,

Starting this week, we’re testing another series of layouts for our updated experience controls. In this new test, we’ll be exploring in-experience control layouts aimed at enhancing user personalization and reducing friction.

As part of this exploration, we’re assessing the effectiveness of the following:

  • Removing the Most Recently Used (MRU) slot and instead introducing user controlled pinning within the in-experience controls. This shift aims to give users more control and flexibility in customizing their experiences, allowing them to pin their most frequently accessed controls for easy access.
  • The experience control layouts we’re currently testing are all left-aligned, with the chat icon prominently featured when enabled.

It’s fantastic to see more developers embracing our helpful API for their UI needs, and the results are impressive! Two notable examples are Berry Ave and Theme Park Tycoon 2. Both showcase a UI that looks sleek and functions seamlessly with some of the layouts we are testing.

Please note: these are a few examples of experience control layouts we are currently testing; they do not indicate our final layout.

What does this mean for you?

If you’ve already integrated design changes using our experience control APIs, you’re in luck! They’ll seamlessly adjust to any shifts in reserved space, ensuring smooth sailing without any clashes.

For those who haven’t yet made the leap, we highly encourage you to dive into Studio and experiment with the new controls. Plus, don’t forget about our TopbarSafeInsets API and signal API, now accessible in both Roblox client and Studio environments. These tools make designing your experience UI a breeze, effortlessly aligning with Roblox’s reserved space requirements.

Pro-Tip: Take advantage of the TopbarSafeInsets API for responsive design that automatically positions your GuiObjects within the safe zone, preventing any collisions with Roblox UI elements. Your ScreenGui will dynamically adjust its size and position for a seamless fit.

Please be aware that failing to implement these changes may result in your UI overlapping with Roblox’s experience controls during testing and upon final release.

What’s next?

We hope to introduce the updated experience controls in early Q3. As mentioned earlier, we strongly recommend utilizing our APIs to fine-tune your UI for a seamless transition.

We appreciate your patience as we strive to enhance in-experience controls. Together, we’re simplifying the process for millions to enjoy immersive experiences built by you.

Stay tuned for further updates!


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I like the look of these changes! Thanks for taking on board everyone’s feedback and continuing to work on this - hopefully this can be a scalable design for the years to come. Good work :slight_smile:


Will this fix the issues I’ve reported?


I love the new look! It’s nice to see the experience controls’ design improve over the years. The new layout is very flexible to work with/around for me and overall looks nice alongside nearly all custom designs that developers may have nearby. Thanks for this update!


I like these new changes! Can you please add more color instead of being a 60’s film?


idk, but at least the microphone is gone from the player’s head now and can’t be mistakly triggered. never put it back onto the head again without fixing that bug, please thanks

But why did you guys remove it from the Esc menu as well :neutral_face:


I’d love to see these new controls be the same size as the current one (I find them distracting), but it does look a lot better this time around.



I personally still wish these controls would be smaller, my biggest issue is they take up so much space, its very distracting from the rest of the UIs in the game that are more important.


How many % of players have already received some kind of test and when is it planned for everyone to receive it?

My account has never received any test version of experience controls and I keep hitting the microphone button in Voice Chat intentionally because of some UI in front of the button


This design looks better, but I still think it would be better if developers could hook into the topbar (custom buttons) so we dont have to manually hack our way around it?

Maybe giving SetCore some much needed love for this? This update also does not address the fact that we still cannot hide this toolbar.


How can we use this on the Roblox Client I am hoping for this release for everyone soon


I believe part of this change includes the player’s health bar being moved to the bottom of the top bar?

If so, this change is going to be awful for my game, as it’s a PvP game, where players need to see their health. If players can not see their health (because this change makes the health bar hardly noticeable), they will be confused when damage is dealt to them.

I understand that I can create my own UI to solve this issue but… really? I think that this change is quite bad for PvP experiences.


I’d like to re-iterate my position here. As a developer, I’d ideally be able to reduce all core UI into the Roblox menu. This would allow me to have full visual/aesthetic control and allow me to provide the best functional experience for my place. All platform functionality should remain easily accessible to users through the Roblox menu, such as hard control over mic/camera, reporting, server playerlist, … etc.

The screenshots provided in this post (Berry Ave) already show signs of discontinuous visual design forced by the game trying to conform to the Roblox Controls Bar. The game clearly has it’s own identity that is being strong-armed to match the unblockable core UI.


We can please get a way to reduce all CoreUi back to a single button in the corner again?


w. where’s the leaderboard. where’s the button for it


and we still can’t hide all of the gui like the legacy topbar. i appreciate the transparency but you keep missing all of our feedback about the latter; the report button is so utterly stupid and useless to exist in the first place


Exactly this, I still stand by the fact that by trying to conform every game to use a single non-customisable topbar we are actually going to get a more boring UI scheme in general; not all of us want our games to use the UIBlox theme, yet we are practically forced to ‘embrace’ it because of stuff like this.

For anyone who wants a #feature-requests which covers this topic, my post from just under a year ago exists and is (unfortunately) still quite relevant in certain sections.


is there or will there be a way to disable this more menu?
im using this photo as an example, as it kind of just ruins the user experience because you have to carefully click the hamburger icon


I like this new UI for the menu, it gives us better access to the stuff in the main menu, like “respawn” and “report system”.