Updated! Model to Blocks Plugin (MSCP) - Convert your models into Minecraft like blocks!

Important update!

This plugin has been migrated to our new, Multi-functional plugin, called NAAP.
Please try the NAAP plugin with a great Welder function to make destrictable / destroyable models!

Are the parts unioned or are they just sitting there eating your game’s memory?

There is an option to make union at the end of the process. Unfortunately, making union can take extremely long time when many blocks are in the model.

Important: this function is not migrated to NAAP Plugin yet, I’m working on reducing part count, but it is not that easy.

You can select to keep surface blocks only, in case of buildings / trees it can be a big saving.

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Thank you for the video! Great one! :slight_smile:

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This looks very familiar to my plugin. Did you take inspiration from this? Or did you happen to somehow make something very similar?


Wow, what a surprise, thank you for your reply!

Actually I haven’t seen your plugin nor your post about it, but your plugin looks quite ok.
Funny how similar they are.

I made a quick test with a McDonald’s restaurant (top of the screenshot), my plugin works faster even with much more details and scanned model includes interior of the building (left), while your plugin gives less parts by default (right) so causes smaller lag and consumes less memory in a game.

Studio users can be happy, they have more options to make the job done :slight_smile:


This looks really interesting!
How does it scan for vertices / polygons on meshes and unions before converting into voxels?

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I believe it uses ray casts to scan or either voxels. All I know is this is amazing!

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My plugins work with a small part that moves over the original model and check the touching part in each position. For a part with a much bigger mesh this scanning is not perfect (while gives nice result in all other cases).

The scan size can be set, the final model quality depends on this settings. The restaurant on the attached screen contains 100k+ parts (scan + built takes 35sec), so you have options to 1) use bigger scanning part 2) keep surface parts only.

From the parts you can make a union in Studio, but it can take extremely long, so I removed this option from the plugin.

I’m working on a part number optimization with merging neighbourg parts with the same color/material - but not ready yet.

Please note that new functions come in the NAAP plugin only, that is the successor of this MSCP plugin (with many new features).

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Hi Guys,

Remember that this plugin has been replaced by NAAP Plugin, current version is NAAP 1.41 with MANY features! Plugin is still free, donation is welcome!

A sample youtube video about the latest module (Mechanics):

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Hi All,

I’m happy that you still use this plugin (visits and installation still grows) :slight_smile:
Please note, MSCP plugin has been replaced by NAAP Plugin, current version is 1.71, check it out now!

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Important update!

Hi Guys!

I realized that some developers still prefer to install this legacy plugin instead of the successor NAAP plugin. I’m happy with your choice - I love this one too - but I need to find a way to keep two similar projects updated for you.

I’ve made the decision: this plugin is not free any more, it will cost 29 Robux from now on.

By purchasing this product you can directly support my projects and in return I will update this plugin again if you give feedback (e.g. bugs, malfunctions).

If you prefer free plugins only, you can find NAAP that is still completely free and offers all functions that MSCP has!

I know monetization is always a sensitive issue, but I hope you understand this decision.
Thank you for your understanding and have a great day! :slight_smile:

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After a long-long time… MSCP Plugin has been updated today!
From now on, you can use MSCP as a dockable widget.

Make block based models from any model with one single click!
You can set optionally: density, color quality, precision etc.

This plugin is the redesigned, dockable version of the popular (legacy) MSCP plugin!
Beside the advantages of a dockable widget, new version comes with

  • dark theme
  • help page
  • fixed STOP function
  • other small bug fixes.

As I mentioned in the main topic, MSCP is not free any more, it costs 29 Robux from December 2021.
If you can afford free solutions only, check out my universal NAAP plugin that has the similar block converter function.

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v1.11 mini update to Model2Blocks (MSCP) plugin:

  • the plugin can be enabled/disabled even when you edit scripts (not only when you edit workspace).
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I was blown away by this, this is amazing!

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Ty for your feedback! Check out my AutoWelder plugin, I think you will like that too (it is not just a standard promo statement, these two plugins can work well together)!

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v1.2 is out:

  • Widget gui object has been renamed, it is easier to find it in Explorer

Over 500 installations! Thank You guys!


cool plugin! amazing i liked it like in minecraft :grinning: :money_mouth_face: :sunglasses: