Updated! Model to Blocks Plugin (MSCP) - Convert your models into Minecraft like blocks!

Important update!

Hi Guys!

I realized that some developers still prefer to install this legacy plugin instead of the successor NAAP plugin. I’m happy with your choice - I love this one too - but I need to find a way to keep two similar projects updated for you.

Install the plugin from here!

I’ve made the decision: this plugin is not free any more, it will cost 29 Robux from now on.

By purchasing this product you can directly support my projects and in return I will update this plugin again if you give feedback (e.g. bugs, malfunctions).

If you prefer free plugins only, you can find NAAP that is still completely free and offers all functions that MSCP has!

I know monetization is always a sensitive issue, but I hope you understand this decision.
Thank you for your understanding and have a great day! :slight_smile:

Important update!

This plugin has been migrated to our new, multi-functional plugin, called NAAP.
You can still use MSCP plugin but its development has been discontinued.

New features comes in NAAP versions only.

Please try the NAAP plugin with the full functionality of MSCP v1.2 and with the great Welder function to make destrictable / destroyable models!

Model Scan & Convert Plugin (MSCP)


Convert any model into blocks by one single click!
Create a block-based clone from any model!
Set your preferred options and enjoy the 100% automatic conversion!

Install plugin

Please support Apafey Studio via this game:


  • Free scanning resolution setting (smaller value is better but slower)
  • Works with any part, model, union, mesh within the base model
  • Keep surface blocks only (remove thousands of inside blocks)
  • Use “Ball” (sphere) parts instead of “Block” (just in case you need it)
  • Monochrome mode
  • Greyscale mode
  • Show hitbox around the model
  • Automatic Union maker
  • Improved Mesh scanner
  • Ignore transparent parts from scanning
  • Stop button (to cancel scanning operation)
  • Draggable plugin window
  • Toggle GUI via Plugins menu easily!


  • Select a model to scan & clone
  • (If the menu doesn’t appear, check Plugins menu in Studio and turn MSCP Gui on!)
  • Show Hitbox: it helps you to rotate the model properly before scanning
  • Rotate the model to entirely fit into the red hitbox
  • Select the quality and other options as you wish
  • Click on “Run” and wait

Pro tip:

Keep your eye on the part estimation number’s color on the GUI window!
If it turns red, the operation may takes very long and making union may crash Roblox!
Orange and green label is more preferable in most cases.

Install plugin


Does this work on Meshes?


As far as I tested yes, it works.

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Wow! This looks very cool! Keep up the good work! :wink:




  • Previous model data was not completely reseted on re-run - fixed
  • Model cleanup progress info added
  • “Keep surface only” failed in some cases - fixed
  • “Keep surface only” option now turned off by default
  • Printed text in the output window is clearer now

v1.2 is here!

  • Optional: automatic Union maker
  • Optional: improved Mesh scanning
  • Optional: ignore invisible parts
  • From now: plugin version number is shown on the panel.


Improved mesh detection in v1.2!


Yay, thanks for this. I can finally make a Minecraft statue in Roblox.


Great! Feel free to share a screenshot :slight_smile:

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This is sick. Thanks for the help.


I have installed the plugin, but it doesn’t show up in the plugins section. The plugin is enabled.
What shouls I do?


Can this work with roblox avatars?


It is called “MSCP v1.2” in the Plugin menu, similar to as below.
The GUI will be shown on screen as you select a model.
Does it help?

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It does something but it is really far from perfect.
It works better with models made from parts, probably meshparts, unions, but not meshes.


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Important update!

This plugin has been migrated to our new, Multi-functional plugin, called NAAP.
Please try the NAAP plugin with a great Welder function to make destrictable / destroyable models!

Are the parts unioned or are they just sitting there eating your game’s memory?

There is an option to make union at the end of the process. Unfortunately, making union can take extremely long time when many blocks are in the model.

Important: this function is not migrated to NAAP Plugin yet, I’m working on reducing part count, but it is not that easy.

You can select to keep surface blocks only, in case of buildings / trees it can be a big saving.

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Thank you for the video! Great one! :slight_smile:

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This looks very familiar to my plugin. Did you take inspiration from this? Or did you happen to somehow make something very similar?