[UPDATED + OPEN] Low/Mid Poly Building Commissions



prices are too expensive for builds that aren’t hyper-realistic, I would pay 1 million for a large build if it was hyper-realistic and very nice. Your building skills are advanced but I would only consider paying you 100k for a large building. Prices are too overpriced for the skill.


I totally understand and that is your opinion. However, I am now going off by dev ex rates. The reason my prices are so high is that I’m looking to devex a lot more, and I spend a lot of time on my builds. I think that should also be compensated. Although it may look like the builds don’t take long, they do. A lot of modeling, planning goes into the builds that I create. I understand that if the prices are not to people’s liking, but from a builder’s perspective we are taking time out of our day, often 1/6 hours just to fulfill someone’s commission and idea. And I most deffinitely think that its the builders decision and choice to make their own prices. Thanks. x

Yes, I completely understand that aspect, since I am also a builder. I will now say this following sentence to help YOU grow. Devs always need to underprice their work when they start to get commissions, once you get “clout” you can increase your prices. In the end, it is your choice and I respect that.

Just saw you have updated prices, it’s better now though in my opinion, large builds should be 350k+ not 500k+ this is to maintain steady flow of commissions

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its my commission sheet at the end of the day x and its a builders choice and decision if the prices aren’t right come and add me on discord, and we can discuss a price. this is just prices i set so people are aware.

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yeah but no one is going to pay for you to build them a map for these prices when they could commission someone better for cheaper, i was going to commission you until i saw your ridiculous prices. They are literally low poly / mid poly maps no where near worth your pricing


many people have been paying my prices, and if you were to read what I just said, I discuss a price that’s suitable for them most of the time i lower it to a very affordable price and most of the time its the commissioner that decides on the price. i get what you’re saying my prices may seem expensive but i do always lower them for people if they add me. i don’t like to waste my time working on something for hours on hours just to receive something i personally think isn’t worth how much i put into my builds and i think other builders should think the same way.