[Updated] Perfect R6 Ragdoll - Easiest Ragdoll System for R6 Avatars

flopping all over the place - Clipped with Medal.tv Here it is fully added into my game if you’re curious. Later I’m going to add ragdolling if you hit the ground while in the middle of a trick

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Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see what your game turns into :smile:

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Thank you!

Character minimum

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flop rush cyberfunk - Clipped with Medal.tv Here it is, fully added! Doing a trick and then hitting the ground makes you flop/ragdoll. You can also hit P to ragdoll by yourself.

It’s not like your losing like 95% game performance, your only just loosing like 0.01%.

anybody noticed that resetting makes your character look kinda laggy?

example (reset compared to ragdoll)

Yea I noticed this too but it probably has something to do with Roblox and not the script.

Set the character’s parts network owner to the player when they die

do you mean ALL of the parts or the HumanoidRootPart?

All the parts

character limit character limit

The ragdolling appears to be working, however it is nothing like what you showcased in the videos.

Is this an issue with collision or what?

Are you changing the state of the humanoid in any way?

Hey im having trouble with the Ragdoll,
When im knocking the dummy back and ragdolling it, it stays in the air for like 2 seconds then goes down, any solutions?.. Im not changing the humanoidstatetypes and Im using the npc version ( i didnt alter the script )