Updated process for achieving "Regular" on the DevForum

Glad this update came along. The sad thing was, many people I known were believing achieving a certain badge count on the DevForum gets you promoted and it really did not make sense nor was stated by any official forum member either. However, this update clears that up, hope to see more talented developers in this forum being a full member.

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I guess I can see what you are saying. I assume you just feel veteran forum members here should be acknowledged as veterans and not like all the others. Of course, I am not happy with the idea of making an exclusive club because that only would add more problems but maybe you just meant something else and rather the intention to have veterans stand out more. Now getting at what you are saying, I completely support the idea of having veteran members stand out more. But I dont understand the issue with this update though, making veterans stand out would solve the issue.

I like this update. I like to think I’m in good standing!
Time to make even more helpful open source projects, and answer even more questions!

I’ve always done my best to be a good member of this community, and this is great incentive for others to do the same. I hope this change inspires an increase in quality content and decrease in low effort postings as people strive to meet these requirements.

Hacker voice: “I’m in.”


Does the process also check Roblox Moderation History? Because I believe that’s necessary. I already know you check for DevForum moderation history, but if you don’t already, I think you should also check for Roblox Moderation History.

No it only checks the forum moderation history.

By “Moderation”, do you mean posts that are flagged and removed?

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Sounds like a great change, glad there is now automatic promotion. Must’ve been a bit of a slow moving procedure by just hand picking. Overall a great decision.

I think you’re missing the overall point of what I was trying to get at.

I am well aware of this forum no longer being exclusive to invited members. I was simpily indulging on the fact that members with more experience are now being driven away from this community due to the defamiliarization of who they are communicating with.

And yes, while this place is no longer the exclusive club that it once was, the forum was more or less hidden from the majority of ROBLOXs playerblase for most of its existence until quite recently. I mean heck, this site originally had an entirely different domain address that in no way was connected to ROBLOX.com when it was originally started. To say that its still ‘tough’ to join the ranks of these forums when a link to the site is directly under the ‘develop’ tab of the website is a bit of a stretch, comparatively speaking to the past anyways.

Lastly, it was never my intent to show veterans priority over new members, and it sort of bothers me that you painted that as a main part of my argument when it wasn’t. I was simpily suggesting that the developer relations team take a harder look at veteran members opinion(s) as a whole when they’re rolling out updates like this.


Im so glad this was added, this was most likely the best choice to get promoted to Member! This truly will bring out the fact that the DevForum is available to all aspiring developers.

Off I go to get promoted then :smile:

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Woah! Thats divine in my opinion!

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Is posting forum threads a requirement through this automation process? I say this because, while I’d be more than happy to contribute my knowledge and assistance to those looking for help in the support section, I do not often find newer features that should be introduced to Roblox or bugs that happen that have not already been posted in a thread (where I would just like/bump it instead of creating a whole new thread).

I’m posting this under the assumption that the more quality threads would lie in the support and suggestion sections, although I do know that we do have the ability to post in the international and collaboration sections. Please correct me if I am mistaken in this assumption.


That is actually a valid point. Considering a lot of people have shared so much news, ranging from ROBLOX critical issues to tutorials and how-tos for almost anything needed done plus some basics over scripting and building. Kinda a hard thing to think about, good point, NicholasY4815, really gave a valid point.

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Do post removals qualify as moderation hurting your chances of promotion? While some people can post waste on the forum, there are also some small post removals I feel aren’t really justified to really hurt their chances in promotion. Maybe specify that more?

While they won’t expose something like moderation history, would be nice to let users see their own moderation history. See what is harmful to their promotion and how much more moderation actions can be done to fully damage that opportunity. We really would prefer that ability, I believe it does us the better good.

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No, It probably can be a factor but it’s not required

I was looking through a few of the recently promoted and found someone with 0 topics created


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The problem is the fact that people will just rush and be careless as to what they do in attempt to be promoted. I think this happens a lot and probably smartest not to state what is exact as to prevent a rush of users just carelessly posting irrelevant posts which eventually waste their time and the moderator’s time.

That’s what I said, yes. And it’s what Lilly said in original post that I quoted.

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I guess topic posts aren’t a requirement but replies may be. People do tend to give solutions and post them as a reply to a forum post if there are errors with what was introduced. That is also why the topic owner can mark his/her replies as a solution if it helped. This can be beneficial for people to at least reply with a solution to an issue that was posted and probably is what is at least needed for this promotion.


This is great! Earlier I was confused on the process of promotion, but now I feel that I have a chance to be promoted!

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I guess I can see what you are saying. I honestly met a ton of shady people who are on the forums, while I don’t like to call people out, there are people I have the liberty to name and have them get the attention they need for what they have done to many people. I know tons of scammers, some I really wish are not members of this forum. But for the sake of being polite on this forum, I would not name any. But people do take the advantage of being part of this forum as a way to say “Hey I am a real developer because I am part of the forums, you can trust me.” and they can deserve to lose their membership. I completely agree with this idea, I see no reason not to.