(UPDATED) UI Designer (for hire)

About Me

Im UI Designer started to work 2y ago, i work for a lot people and maded a good amount of robux, but now i want to come back and gain more and more, of course, my only intention is not gain moneys & robux but work with good peoples (only short works)


Last UI


I am avaiable for 6-7h+ x day for 1-2 week, next week due to school i can work 3-4h max


Whole Game - 10k+
(Min price is 3k, i don’t do work less than 3k)

Portfolio will be upgraded every done work, more assets incoming this month.

• Deadline Respectfull

• for the price, what you will receive is extraordinary




Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Can you provide more examples of your UI?

Hey! Your discord doesn’t seem to work. Try mine T.o.p#2416

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Updated, add me when you can. Hope to work with you :slight_smile:

I do not recommend him or her(IDK lol) I ask him or her to make a loading screen and asked everyday for progress never gave me it.

I nevered spammed or anything. I just asked everyday for progress never gave me it and just blocked me.


yes i know, sorry for the problem … now i unlock you … but i need more information

I forgot to unblock you after being away for a while, avoiding 100 messages from you

I only sent you like 3 messages while you were gone

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Thanks for the heads up :cowboy_hat_face:

don’t mind it, it was a mistake and a misunderstanding, we solved it

Update me on the result of your commission with them please.