Updated work on Lowpoly Cyberpunk Street Build

Hello everyone, after my last post on this project, I’ve made quiet a bit of progress and I’d like some feedback on that. What do you think is good and what is needing to change?


I love the depth, detailing, asymmetry, and use of lighting. I’d like to see some screenshots of it in a night setting

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Sure thing, The finally plan of the lighting will be at night with the moon giving off a sun-rays effect done with some building magic.


Astounding work! The variation of lighting colours is really shown off in that image

Tremendous work. This is spectacular.

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it looks nice and realistic. Keep up the great work!

I remember seeing this build a few months ago, still looks sick! Keep up the good work!

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Wow that looks so dope! Low-poly games are the definition of Roblox!

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This is insane! Love the lighting!

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Exactly, it’s not Rthro or Anthro which makes the game look and feel like it’s being played in roblox

Yeah I turn off r15 and rtho, I only use r6. It keeps things modern yet classic.

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Just here to mention that when Japanese is written vertically the vowel extender thingy is also written as such.


It’s kind of nitpicky but it’s something that really bothers me when people make these types of games.

I think it looks good otherwise. I really like that the character(s) are in R6 like someone else mentioned before.


Yeah, that was gonna be apart of the finish cut for my game, thats for bringing that up. and thank you on the feedback

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Yea man that my thoughts exactly! Roblox is supposed to be blocky!

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Very realistic :slightly_smiling_face:

What can I say! I’m impressed!

idk if you meant to reply to me but

if you meant the picture of the sign, well it’s realistic because it’s an actual image lol

I did not mean you I meant the person who created the post

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you replied to me so i got confused lol

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