Updates and Changes to the UGC Catalog Application

In regards to UGC applications, assuming your application has been declined and you’ve reapplied multiple times in this new process, how long must you wait before reapplying, and if you want a more in-depth understanding of what you need to change to be approved in a future application, how would you get this information?

How do you get past the roadblock of having your application declined for an extended period of time and you cannot figure out what you’re doing wrong that is invalidating your position in the program?


well it was… until now. everything changes now.


The applications will go through the same process they have been. You will still be required to make something decent to get in. If someone is a good modeler, they should definitely get a chance.


It wasn’t supposed to be exclusive, it’s a de facto closed beta program for those talented at designing, a child uploading a random blender model you can find online won’t get in, people with talented skills that haven’t had luck with the applications will, people that have just discovered Roblox will, those who want to succeed in the development of creating models will.


They did. apps worked fine before. Im not against good people getting in. its those who are less so that I fear


Did you guys not respond all of the last applications? I submitted my application back in March, but still did not get the response


you must have filled it out wrong. everyone’s gotten a reply already. sorry :frowning:


This is a pretty good way to implement “public” UGC imo


2D faces are very technically different than textured head meshes. The head meshes are still 3D assets, not just art decals applied to a head.

Would still suggest more regular face accessories though if you’re planning on applying


Don’t they automatically decline it if it’s filled wrong?


The small creators are better than 90% of the items we see in the UGC catalog right now. Besides, you still have to be accepted so it isn’t like randomly anyone will get in unless they are worthy enough. And obviously if a small creator was accepted and given a chance then they will succeed.


It is the exact same system as It has always its just open forever, you still will have to prove that you can make quality ugc, also keepin mind that this is a step towards making ugc being public for everyone (basically they system like 2d clothes atm) I think everyone would prefer this over it being completely public


I assume Roblox likely plans on releasing the feature publically (with no application) eventually, so the point of ‘the market is becoming too saturated’ doesn’t really work in this case, since Roblox is well-aware that the market will be over-saturated. If the reason why this is an issue for you is that you’ll gain less sales as a UGC creator, it’s a side-effect that has to be taken in order to forward the platform, gatekeeping get’s the platform nowhere.


I don’t like the wording of “has” because they could improve on other stuff in ugc to forward the platform besides just letting everyone have it, I do think there is a lot that can and will go wrong with ugc becoming public, I quite like the system of everyone being able to apply whenever, there is the control on who gets to upload as well as more creators get to apply more often without having to wait months on end, this system should be the system to stay but most likely it’s going public, I don’t get your point about “gatekeeping” especially now since everyone will have the same equal chance of getting in so there is nothing to ‘gatekeep’


It’s likely with-in Roblox’s vision to eventually release UGC publically, iirc it’s been mentioned multiple times before. Maybe some things do need to be changed for that to work, but those should probably be addressed elsewhere in a feature-request

The people I was replying to were saying that people being able to apply whenever was a bad thing, that’s why I referred to gatekeeping.


This is a very good change. The more the merrier.


All I’m hopping is that the UGC applications don’t get super backlogged with all the applicants! GL to all the developers applying now :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure you’re right on the money! From what I can remember when UGC came out, the idea was that games could have their own hats and shirts that players could bring with them outside of the original game.


I’m excited not gonna lie. I sadly missed the previous batches or wasn’t as good in Blender as I am today.

I finally can apply to earn some stuff with my more or less quality work.


This is awesome! Can’t wait to see a new wave of UGC creators coming in with their creative minds now that the application is permanently open.