Updates - BadgeService3 v2

Updates for BadgeService3 will be kept here!

Most recent patch:

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BadgeService3 Released!

Hi! I hope you use it!


Better customization and modularibility!


  • :onBadgeAwarded(function(badgeId) RBXScriptSignal added. Will fire only when a badge is awarded.

  • New customizable settings! Look at these!

["usesBadgeImageForNotifications"] = false;
["isNotificationsDisabled"] = false;
["usesGoldBadgeNotification"] = false;
["defaultBadgeNotificationImage"] = "rbxassetid://6170641771";
["notificationDuration"] = 5;
["autoGarbageCollectProfileTime"] = 5;
["NotificationDescription"] = 'You have been awarded "%s"!';
["NotificationTitle"] = "Badge Awarded!"
  • New function added to BadgeService3, :SetGlobalSettings(SettingsTable), this function will change the settings you ask for!

  • New usable “variable” into badges, Image which can be set to a image id, not a decal id, and with the setting usesBadgeImageForNotifications enabled, it will use that as the notification image for that badge.

  • New function added :GetBadgeAmount() will return you the number of all badges.

  • :GetBadges() will now return the badges, and also the result from :GetBadgeAmount()

Customization highlights:

  • Disable notifications! isNotificationsDisabled
  • Add your own notification system if you want! using :onBadgeAwarded()
  • Use the default, gold color for the badge notification! usesGoldBadgeNotification
  • Change the default notification image to whatever you want! defaultBadgeNotificationImage
  • Use specific badge images! usesBadgeImageForNotifications
  • Change the notification’s text, and description! NotificationDescription and NotificationTitle
  • more…

Download BadgeService3 here!


Better events update


  • :onUpdate(function(data) will now pass through “data” like I should. Keep in mind, that’s a deepcopy!
  • BadgeService3 now uses FastSignal for events!

Download BadgeService3 here!

BadgeService3 has been updated to 2.0.0.

This release is more so a bug fix, and optimization and memory leak fix. If you use it, please update it.

The Signal API here was updated / replaced, so it fixes some issues from the past.
You shoudn’t have any problems migrating to this new version, simply get your ‘Badges’ sub-module, delete the rest, and replace the old stuff with the new code and you should be fine.

You can now use :Connect() on the Signals, like: badgeProfile.onBadgeAwarded:Connect(), and also you can still use badgeProfile:onBadgeAwarded().

You can download it from here: