[UPDATES] NASA Space Shuttle Recreation

Welcome back!

We’ve made quite a bit of progress through our mission roster since my last post. We’ve just completed STS-26 as of today and look forward to the upcoming Hubble missions. Unfortunately, as always, we’ve had a few people leak our Kennedy Space Center and other shuttle related items, so I want to make it clear that all assets showcased within this post are the explicit property of our group. Any other group attempting to pose as owners of these assets has obtained them illegally and without permission.

Official Group:


Most recent updates

  • New RCS/Reentry effects to simulate tile heating properly
  • New external tank textures to reflect SRB separation
  • New Day/Night effects and earth atmosphere effects
  • Currently working on new HD earth texture
  • SSME Plasma Ring while in vacuum


Pictures from Recent Launches


This video was meant to be in the post as well under the “Blooper” section however it may contain offensive material; view discretion is advised


Will post images of our WIP ISS later as well.

kapton foil gonna look epic w PBR

This was the best nasa event i’ve ever seen…