Updates to Notification Rate Limits

Hi Creators,

In March, we launched Experience Notifications, a new way to re-engage your 13+ users and keep them up to date on the most important moments in your experiences.

Today, we are excited to share that we will be relaxing the max limit of notifications to 1 per day per user for each experience. Previously, the frequency limit was 1 notification per 3 days per user for each experience. We hope this update provides you with more agency to engage and retain your users.

ICYMI, here are all the biggest updates we’ve made to Experience Notifications over the past few months:

  1. Introduced a Notification Permission Prompt API as a way for you to collect opt-ins from inside experiences

  2. Released Notification Analytics in Creator Hub to help you understand and iterate on your notifications

  3. Added the ability to reference a user in a notification if that user is friends with the recipient (e.g., “Your friend [name] just beat your high score!”) to support competitive and social notification use cases

We’ll continue to monitor how many experience notifications users are receiving and will introduce bundling of such notifications to prevent spam, if needed.

As a reminder, in order for a user to receive an Experience Notification, they must be 13+ and opted into notifications for your experience. For reference, here are our Lua and OpenCloud creator guides on Experience Notifications.

Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions. Thank you!


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:star: The new limits are way better!

Thanks for the update! This change will definitely help me & my devteam keep users more engaged. The new notification limit is a welcome improvement, and the added features sound fantastic. Can’t wait for notifications to become a more central aspect of our games.


That new limit is pretty good! Thanks for another good update!


That’s great to hear, glad there’s a cooldown now


I think with these changes, it’s time to increase the size of the notification dropdown menu on the website and the pop-up menu on the desktop app. Alternatively, allow us to view a dedicated notification page, much like many other social media websites. For those of us that follow a lot of games, there can be a pretty large backlog of notifications to read through, so any improvements to readability and navigation is always appreciated.


Is there an experience we can test those notifications?


Can you add a limit for in-experience notifications that ask the user to favorite the game? Its so freaken annoying when every 30 seconds the game bombards you with that stupid notification. Like, if I like the game, ill favorite it, otherwise its so annoying

I know this isn’t the same thing as experience notifications, but it still needs to be fixed

Edit: The only time I favorite games are on the game page, so I really dont see why this exists.


These updated limits are taking it to the next level… To the point where it breaks the sound barrier… :dizzy_face:

Music to my ears, Thank you for releasing this!


There WAS a cooldown of 3 days (which was stupid) however they lowered it


pretty cool! Thank You Roblox!!


This is a great step in the right direction, but I feel that currently the notification pop out doesn’t fit all this new information.

Most of the time the text seems to get cut off or it just looks squashed. Would love to see some improvement to this, maybe increasing the width or having it as a sidebar pop out?


It would be very cool if we could have dynamic daily notifications. Having to decide what information we should notify the user for based on their ingame profile, best choice is to let the user decide which notifications they want to prioritize only.

Could have it be like a dynamic email, maximum character limit, still only one notification a day, but the text in the notification can be changed

Or that if we attempted to send multiple notifications, it could be appended to the latest daily notification.


You received a new letter in your mailbox, got three new donations, and got a new gift from your friend XYZ!


This wording is confusing, is this effective immediately? I’m still getting the “every 3 days” http result status

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But game update notifications (which are far more important) are still limited to every 3 days? What kind of sense does that make!


Thank you arbi for reporting this issue! Yes this is effective immediately and we have fixed the confusing error messaging.


I probably wouldn’t like any experience that gives me a notification every day that they added something new to their experience. That could risk a higher turn off rate.

Maybe if Roblox could let us have a way to notify user groups, select to notify players with high engagement time in the last week or day 7+ retention players.

You aren’t thinking of special use cases then, like when there is a bug with an update and you want to let everyone know that you have patched it without waiting 3 additional days.