Updates to Sponsored Experiences

At this point I am honestly surprised they have not removed the home page in favor of the discover page or vice versa, since they are now for the most part literal clones of each other, except the home page sorts do change sometimes which is nice but some of those home page sorts have very little experiences to the point where the “see all” button does absolutely nothing.


I don’t think that having the “sponsored” sort at the bottom is a great idea. Most players tend to not even scroll down through the discover page. Some don’t even use it at all (as the home page is just a randomized discover page now).

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So this is an intended effect from this change? The system was previously estimating 17k Attributed Visits and 52 MILLION Impressions to 3.5k Visits and 325k Impressions? lol

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I was right the whole time then, I used to say that Roblox is maybe counting impressions when an ad arrives on the player’s device instead of them actually seeing it. Anyways, thanks for changing how impressions are calculated.

By the way, I sponsored with 1k Robux and managed to get the same exact amount of clicks, hopefully, clicks are determined accurately too.

Sponsor Ads:


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Just started sponsoring and it seems to be kinda broken…



I completely agree, sponsored experiences would not receive as much worth out of their money put into them as before. Because, lets be honest, who always scrolls to the bottom of the home page unless looking for a favorited game that from the other day they can juts find in their “continue” tab? I think lowering the needed robux per few impressions of the experience would be a fair change unless they could re-make it like it was before this update, or have both the current and previous ways of showing sponsored experiences.


Sponsorships should not be this useless. They certainly seemed more effective in 2017. The majority of players will not scroll down that far, engagement for sponsored games is bad because the sponsorship system is bad.

I don’t understand what the issue is with just reintroducing the genre sort and letting our players select their favorite genres. Why not have that be one of the account creation prompts, favorite game genres, something you can change in your account settings or on the Discovery page? Let us apply multiple genres to our games based on the contents. So people can actually discover our content. Is that not the point in creating for the platform, to have our content get in front of the player base we’re targeting?

Roblox is a game platform, it used to have a genre search and it only needed to be integrated into the new interface, not scrapped altogether. Scrapping it was a terrible notion. Seriously. Every other platform of comparable size to Roblox understands the basic necessity of discoverability for the health of the developer ecosystem. Why would anyone want to develop for the platform if it seems unnecessarily difficult to get your game in front of the people you want to see it? I’ve focused on Roblox as opposed to migrating to a different platform because I thought it was easy to tap into players in the past, but if sponsorships don’t even work, what can I count on? Is this issue just going to persist for more years until people actually get tired of trying to get discovered?

This instability seems unnecessary. Even at a point, the over-sensitive chat filter that was being applied to the search bar randomly (why would you apply it to the search bar, you already prevent people from using inappropriate words when naming assets) censored my game’s title. So people couldn’t find the game just searching for it, the key-term was censored. It’s like these things are done without even considering how it could impact discoverability. This lack of prioritization should change, every design decision about the way experiences are indexed should consider what it will do on a macro scale. Currently, there is really no precise way to search for content. There is a pretty simple solution, one that has existed in the past. Genres. People have been asking for it, because there is no need to re-invent the wheel.

Why not revamp the sponsorship system? We could sponsor specific genres. There could be banner and tower ads on mobile and tablet, or even Xbox, and there could be ad types specific to different platforms. The ad system has not been expanded since Roblox became multi-platform for no reason. This system seems like it has become obsolete, why would anyone spend robux competing for something only on PC, or for sponsored promotion at the absolute bottom of the game sort? I’m certainly not going to, and I was planning to before I read this thread and saw the evidence that the sponsorship system is basically dysfunctional in this state.

People have been asking for improvements with these issues for years. If these are the ‘exciting changes’ that were foreshadowed in June I’m not sure I’m excited, I’m really hoping we can just get basic genre features at the very least.


This is great idea, we can get some visits without huge robux payments

Been this way for ages, it’s just a visual mistake.

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This is wonderful, at least we’ll be able to actually be seen now, and the sponsors will be way more worth it. We won’t be constantly wasting all of our money as often as we did in the past. To be honest whenever I saw a game that just said “sponsored”, it never really made me wanna click on it. Having the sponsored icon just makes it feel kinda ugly (mentally) to me. So this will be a good add-on to that.


In regards to ad improvement, as a developer id like to hear about why there arnt ads on the new app. While I know that roblox is transferring to a immersive in-experience ad system, in the time that they are still implementing this please add ads to the desktop app so that developers arnt wasting their money on ads nobody will see. As well pushing sponsored experiences category up from being at the bottom of the page will also be helpful to attract more players.

Sorry if this is badly written, I hope my main points get across

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This is a great update for people that spend thousands of robux on ads, since now they are more discoverable. And with this update ads will be more efficient.