Updates to Sponsored Experiences

Hi developers,

We’re constantly exploring ways to help developers reach their audiences and are excited to share a couple of updates coming to Sponsored Experiences today.

We have rolled out an additional sort for Sponsored experiences on the Home page in order to help drive more discovery. We’ve also improved ad impression reporting in order to give you a better estimate of the number of users engaging with your ads.

Extending Sponsored Experiences to the Home Page

Starting today, we’ll be adding the “Sponsored” sort to the Home page on all platforms. Currently, the Home page accounts for the vast majority of experience discovery on Roblox; we hope that this new placement will help drive more discovery and engagement with Sponsored experiences.

Improving Impression Reporting

We’re also making updates to improve impression reporting for Sponsored Experiences. In the past, we reported impressions based on requests from the Roblox ad servers (server-side impressions). We are now able to track impressions based on what enters a person’s screen (client-side impressions) when they are using the Roblox app.

Note that this change may result in an apparent decrease of the number of impressions being reported for Sponsored Experiences because the new method of reporting impressions provides a better estimate of the number of users engaging with your ads.

We are also updating the in-product tooltips and documentation around Sponsored Experiences to include additional information about the different ways we count impressions to help you make better sense of the data.


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This is great! Now we won’t be draining our money on ads, since they will be discoverable.


Finally some changes. This is a step in the right direction, however I still think that there should be more changes. I think the old system where you had games within other sorts was better.

Also I wish the sponsored sort wasn’t all the way at the bottom.
The third row after Continue and Friend Activity would be better on the home page (in my opinion)


How is this bad? Refer to my post.

Be positive about somewhat good updates please.


This is a good idea and I think Roblox should have done this a long time ago. New creators can finally get some visits without a huge budget.

Great update but can you add back having sponsored games in the popular category and things like that. I feel like more people would see games that way rathar then sponsored games having there own category.

I know personally I don’t check the sponsored games section as much as I should just cuz I more look at the other sections such as popular games to play (unsure if other people do this but that is what I do more).


Wait, I thought the sponsored sort already existed?

It has existed for a while, but now they have added it to the Home page, instead of just the Discover page.

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This section is literally at the bottom of the home page (even below favourites), you’d need to be actively trying to seek it out in order to find it. It is the 15th-sort on my home-page, that is way too much scrolling to make it viable for the average user to actually view the sort.

Yeah, as I stated above, I agree. The Home page is also becoming way too similar to the Discover page (the discover page has the majority of the sorts the home page has, so why can’t they just remove the sorts that can be accessed elsewhere from the home page)


I’m glad to see game discovery getting some attention, but adding a sponsored section to the very bottom of the home page is a bandaid solution to the suffocating discoverability problems small developers are facing. Adding another sort to the very last row of an already crowded home page won’t reach the sort of discovery and engagement that was lost when sponsors were changed to be in a single sort.


Sponsors before this update had been changed in a way that made it far more difficult to bring new players to your game.

While this change is something, having the category all the way at the bottom of the home page will prevent much use out of it, and I can’t imagine the currently abysmal rate of sponsored joins will improve unless it’s moved up at least a bit.

Considering the importance of the home page as one of the two places experiences are actually displayed, it would be nice if sponsored experiences were intertwined into relevant categories like they used to be.


When will ads be getting the same glow up treatment that sponsors did? Or are there other plans for ads?

The funny thing is I probably wouldn’t have noticed the page at all without this announcement because of how low it is. I can’t speak for everyone but I don’t think people usually scroll down to the bottom sorts on the home tab.

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I agree, almost all the changes to the way games are surfaced this year have hurt small game exposure and to be honest, feels almost intentional.

It’s a so much bigger problem than adding an alias to a category, and trying to band-aid it isn’t going to help out as much. Either way, the mass sentiment is we’re not happy with the current state of the system and it needs changing. Right now.

Ignoring that the sponsor sort should be in a better place in the homepage.

What’s this?

Why is the likes not as a percentage in this photo? Mistake? Early preview?


The home page just looks like the discover page and is almost entirely irrelevant to me as a player. I Don’t care about Simulator Or Team Sports or a ton of other categories, why do i need to see them.

Why do I need to scroll halfway down in order to see ‘Recommended for You’ (aside: none of these recommendations look that interesting to me as a player, how is this being decided?)

Why are my favorites at the literal bottom of the page? They’re my favorites for a reason, I should be able to access them easily on the Home Page.


This seems to have significantly improved the CPC/CPP on mobile/pc (not CTR).

But with that being said, I have a hard time believing the mobile CTR is accurate. I started this sponsorship 4 hours ago. There’s no way that 14% of the people that see my sponsorship on mobile are clicking it. Especially when metrics for pc/xbox are around 0.3-0.5% CTR


CTR is clicks / impressions, so that makes sense

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As someone who is currently running an advertisement campaign composed entirely of sponsors, this is great! However, there may be a visual bug with tablet sponsors, not sure though. They seem to get abysmal impressions but crazy high CTR.

(name/thumbnail blocked because i dont want to be accused of advertising here)

not sure if this is a visual bug or if they are the true numbers, but PC sponsors are fine.