Updating a Badge icon causes it to get Content Deleted

Hi, I am Fleble. I made a sword-fighting game and recently decided to add some Badges.

They all got accepted, but I noticed the icon for the Victory badge was a little small so I cropped it, configured the Badge and changed to the new icon, I then saved and left for a moment.
I came back 10 minutes later to see it got Content Deleted. I tried to fix it by reuploading the image, but it did not work.
Now about 14 hours later, it is still deleted. The image is completely harmless and I do not understand why Roblox won’t allow it. Here is how the Badge icon should look like:

The link to my Badge: Victory - Roblox

This has kind of been driving me crazy, I just want my badge to have an icon.
If anyone knows the issue it got deleted, or knows how to fix this, please let me know!

Alright, so I changed the description, flipped the icon and changed the hue slightly. It got approved!