Updating Creator Roadmap - 3 Months Later

Dear Roblox Employees,

It’s been a year since audio update has been implemented to Roblox.
After that update, a lot games has been at some point ruined and moreover, a lot of people is frustrated by manually configuring single audio to their experience so the audio will work.

Audio is in My opinion one of important aspects of any game on Roblox (and in other games).

It would be good, if you could allow Us to at least publish audios that aren’t long so it would be used as sound effect.

Please do not ignore Us, as We will not forget about that update.
And if it’s possible, please give Us any information about plans for audios.

Hope, that You’ll understand Us.

(If you want to see audio update post, click here.)


I understand that, but it’s been over 3 years since then, other engines allow for such, and it’s very important to MMORPG and games attempting large scale maps.

The point was to show that in 2019, it was acknowledged by Roblox the possibility of such a feature, which is why it is a desirable feature that we should have as developer, and it should be one Roblox is making a move towards.

You don’t get the point, roblox can’t just release these updates, they have to function correctly on every single platform without any performance issues. Hack Weeks aren’t made by “Roblox” but by their engineers for a contest I believe. They are just a proof of concept that it’s possible but it can’t just be released.


As someone who worked on some MMORPG projects before, this is exactly what we want.

however, as people stated already, the features have to works seamlessly on ALL platforms ROBLOX runs on, meaning you cant have it just for PC even though you can disable platforms from accessing your games.

I do want seamless teleport ALOT, the current teleport system is too slow for what i want to do, however that shouldnt come at the cost of some platforms having a worse experience.

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I understand they are not the update, I already explained that. It would take a much larger endeavor to make it a reality.

The point was, which I believed you entirely missed, was that this was known to Roblox in 2019. It’s over 3 years later and we still see it nowhere on the Roadmap, or even if it is planned to have seamless server transitioning. That was my point.

I did not expect them to take the Hack Week, in which someone puts it together in a short time frame, to then be applied to all of Roblox. That was never my point.

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Are we going to get Custom Analytics?

I look through all of the road map feature list and didn’t find anything related


Why did they allow audio under 6 seconds to persist but then they prevent us from uploading any new ones?
If they are still working on bringing back public audio, at least let us make audio under 6 seconds public once again for the time being.
I do not understand why they did it this way.


as of rn i think public ugc should be delayed heres why 1 what about all of us who has applied for ugc and still has not recieved any email back as myself some of us has been waiting a year and we keep re submiting every few months becuse roblox has left us in the dark some has been waiting months weeks ect then you some who are just now submitting and being accepted within 2 months if that


This looks good and imagine in the future that many features that were possible only by scripting to become a core things in Roblox Studio, making it easier for beginners. :eyes:

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yes and no sadly theres 50/50 some want to learn then you got others who jumped on just to make money in which roblox is simpler to learn and take that knowlage to then go and get your foot in the door at other places but alot of companys if people want to do that as there job sadly alot of places wants you to know the ins and outs of everything right on the spot but as someone who has done both building and scripting what im worried about is how will this affect the devs becuse the ai moderation controls what you import as meshes ect in that case say you use a 3d software as blender and other softwares you import the object which has a random name and when roblox moderation picks up on the random generated name it then flags or gives warning or ban for a day ect thats what im more worried about since the ai is iffy.

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Not related, but will Roblox Studio finally received a major UI redesign alongside the Next Gen Studio Ribbon in the roadmap?

Hopefully the major UI redesign & next gen ribbon will release.

Is this Studio Design Refresh phase 3?

  1. Docking overhaul & optimized ribbon
  2. New icons
  3. New user interface after a long time?

Roblox Studio is currently looking a bit outdated, so this UI refresh will hopefully update this!