Updating package with a lot of parts crashes studio and package always registered as "Changed"

Reproduction Steps

  • Updating package with a lot of parts crashes studio
  • Package always registered as “Changed” when opening the place

Expected Behavior

  • Updating package shouldn’t crash studio
  • Package should be up-to-date and not registered as “Changed” without changing anything

Actual Behavior

  • Crashes studio

  • Registers package is changed when opening the place


No workaround at the moment

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Crashing
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Constantly

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Further Information:
I tried to experiment by removing by of the map build inside package and it did successfully updated / loaded without any above issues - I was wondering that if PackageLink has a limit of how much data it can handle on updating and loading? :raised_hands:

Issue still persist as of today :raised_hands: and even saving other unaffected package also crashes occasionally right now - Could Roblox team give a hand to investigate on above issue report? It hindered the whole workflow a lot :smiling_face_with_tear:

Getting the same issue. Seems like roblox is just being unstable as usual

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I’m also getting this issue; is this an internal error?

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Seems like PackageLink instance is being a lot more unstable recently :raised_hands: hope Roblox team could give a hand on the issue soon :bowing_man:

Thanks for the report. I filed a ticket to our internal database.


This bug also started to happen for me with a package I have when I try to use the “Update all” feature to apply the package changes to all places where it is located.
It does not happen constantly, but something like 50% of the times. When the update does not crash, there is still another about 50% chance the package update fails on all places I select.

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Issue still persist as of today :raised_hands: Further information on this related issue - sometime entering a place with the affected package, the warning window will be popped up to ask us “OK” or “Revert Changes” and when we click “Revert Changes” or “X” (Close Button) will crash and close Roblox studio without any error message

This issue has been closed as we have confirmed with the reporter via DM that this issue is no longer reproducible.